Ordered V-Diet Sunday Sep 17

Starting V-Diet as soon as it gets here, recently got engaged and seen my engagement photos, that is not how I want to look at my wedding. Going to get measurements and a picture up tonight.

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Looks like I’ll have my delivery on Thursday. Seems like a good day to start, or at least start on Sunday/Monday? Either way, it’s going to be awesome.

I’d suggest starting the day after you get the supplies. Receive your order, get things settled and planned (this shake here/that shake there, double-check your shaker bottles or whatever you’re using, etc.) and then dive in first thing the next morning. Waiting until Sunday or Monday to get in one last hurrah of a cheat binge weekend only sets back your starting point.

Did you get those initial stats and pics?

Also, congrats on the engagement!

Thanks much, here’s the numbers, I’ll get the pictures off of my phone later.
And thank you for the congrats.

19 Sep 17

Neck 16 1/2"
Shoulders 45"
Chest 45 1/2"
Waist (Above Naval) 44 1/4"
Waist (At Naval) 47 3/4"
Waist (Below Naval) 46"
Hips 47"
Upper Arm L 15"
Upper Arm R 15"
Upper Leg L 26 3/4"
Upper Leg R 27 1/8"
Calf L 15 1/2"
Calf R 15 3/4"

Looking forward to following your journey @sboser

Myself as well. Thanks for the support.

Been doing alright, not quite a week in, though, not much for cravings, cereal and croissants are about it. Which is kind of weird, haven’t had either this year. On the upside, haven’t seen the backside of 230 for quite some time, and weighing in at 228 this morning was pretty awesome. I’ll have the missus to be measure me on Friday the 29th to see what the improvements are. Been rather fun so far, unless I’m doing something wrong, it’s not too bad. It’s been helping her eat better too, since she feels bad that I can’t be eating crap. Measurements to come.

Been a week in, not too bad. I am on a fat-boy program with the VA and they called me in regards to my “rapid weight loss”, concerned about my health and nutrition intake an such. That was pretty neat. On the other hand, I figured I would be losing more than I have, weighed in this morning at 226, which is a nice improvement over what it has been. Going to have the Missus tape me tonight and get those numbers up here tonight or tomorrow as well. I do know that weight isn’t “that” important, I can tell a difference between now and a week ago, my clothes fit better, my feet don’t hurt anymore, and running doesn’t hurt either. All in all, I am glad that I gave this go-around with the v-diet a solid chance to prove itself. Fiance is starting to notice too, she said something about upping her game at the gym. Made me laugh a little. Anyways, to anyone that starts reading this, and is hesitant about it, will power will be tested, don’t let it bend, stick to the plan, and have at it.

Measurements from 01 Oct. 9 days in.
Weight: 224
Neck: 16.25"
Shoulders: 46"
Chest: 44.25"
Waist Above: 42.75", At: 44.25", Below: 44.75"
Hips: 45.5"
Upper Arm L: 14.5" R: 14.25"
Upper Leg L: 27.5" R: 28.5"
Calf L:14.75" R: 15.5"

So, its going, going well. Will keep posting and have to get refitted for my tux, which is good, didn’t want those buttons flying off and hitting some kid or old lady in the face. Though that mother-in-law would make a fine target… Anyways, crazy buttons. Pictures the end of this week I think is what a feller is supposed to do.

@sboser - what’s the update man?

I just started my own VDiet log (waiting for moderator approval).

I’m just trying to knock out 10-15 pounds of fat and then start training again while maintaining better nutrition than I have the past 3-5 years.

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