Ordered and Ready to Start V-Diet

Well last night while I was just looking around I decided to start the V-Diet. I am still skeptical, however I’m going to trust the program for 28 days and see where I go.

A little insight on me. I have been a T-Nation reader since 2005 (This was my name, however when they redid the site I didn’t make a new one) I am 5’8" 175 pounds. Last November I got into a motorcycle accident and broke my back, dislocated all my fingers and broke my left wrist.

I will get pictures up and when my order gets here I will do the measuring.

I’m excited… I’ve been watching my packages progress and have been slowly watching it (comes in on Wednesday)

Just bought the Magic Bullet, ready to rock this diet

Lol hopefully after this Chris will have to redo the main page (of the muscular dude) with my picture instead

(or wishful thinking)

Got my stuff, I really don’t want to start on a Wednesday, so I’m going to wait till Monday

Alright, I took some pictures and here they are… I didn’t try to dramatize the pictures, it’s just the light was on and I was in a hurry



Like I said, sorry about the lighting. I was just trying to find someone to take the picture quick as I had to get ready for work

I am starting Monday. I just weighted myself at 174.6.

I will get the measurements tomorrow when I go to the gym

Mate,follow the plan and the workouts to the letter(especially the rests and loads)and i’m sure you’ll do great and have a fantastic transformation.

I appreciate the kind words Burley.

What part of England are you from? My stepdad is from London.

Well downed the first shake for breakfast, loved it however I am going to just dump the Leucine into my mouth and wash it down with some water instead of putting it in my shake.

Did my workout. I was underestimating myself on Front Squats and Dips because I haven’t done them in so long that it took me awhile to find the right range and come this time next week I should have it perfectly

Front Squats: 125lbsx5, 135x5, 145x5, 155x3x2
Dips: 35x5, 45x5, 50x4, 55x3x3
Chins: 55lbsx3x3x2x3x3x3x2x1
Ab Wheel on my Knees: 5x5x5x5

On the Ab wheel, it was difficult for me to keep my back from bowing and putting pressure on the lower half… I probably did around 30 however I didn’t count the ones that weren’t good form

Now I’m enjoying my Surge… Workout took me approximately 38 mins.

Later today I’m going to try some contrast showers to help from being to sore tomorrow and get my NEPA walk tonight (95 degrees out today, way to hot an humid

Good stuff mate. Why are you doing dips though? Have I missed something? I thought it was DB benches.

No you haven’t… I got mixed up and I was suppose to do Rows today instead of chins (I’m doing the advanced) I had my workout sheets printed and just got confused… so for Friday, instead of Chins I’m going to do Rows instead…

Dumb mistake as I was trying to get everything perfect and accidentally switched those two.

Well today is the end of day one. Not so bad. It seems if I push it longer than 2 1/2 hours between meals I start to get real hungry

I’m about to go on my NEPA walk with my dog and get ready for bed…

27 left

hang in there and you can do it!!! Good luck with everything and stay busy!!! It helps to avoid the hungry times!!!

We’re doing the V-Diet at the same time! Good luck and stay strong!!!

Good luck mate and keep yourself focused! You will succeed!

Well today was good… The only time I get real hungry is when I only get scoop of MD.

Not doing a NEPA walk today, I swam for 45 minutes and enjoying the pool, played a few games and a lot of tricks off the diving board

Today is the first time I ever had under 100 carbs and I could tell I was lagging but I do enjoy the challenge of seeing how far I can go with it.

Here are some pictures that aren’t in a hurry




You’ve not that much too lose–this should be a walk in the park for you! The first few days are not easy, but doable! Good luck and looking forward to updates here as we started nearly at the same time.

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