Order of Fat Loss Supplements?


I’m about 225lbs and about 25% (guess) BF. I cleaned up my diet and have dropped 10lbs over the last couple of months and my clothes fit better, but I have stalled somewhat and would like to take advantage of the Biotest products I already own. My primary goal is fat loss and I currently have Indigo-3G, Carbolin 19, and Hot-Rox in my cupboard.
My question is what is the preferred order to use these being that my primary goal is fat loss while keeping my lean muscle mass.
I have experience with Hot Rox and think I should save that for last. I’ve also used Carbolin, and believe that even though it’s not a stimulant, I’ve seen good results in the past.
The biggest unknown to me is the Indigo 3G. Should I use it first, and do i still increase my carbs even if my primary goal is fat loss? I am admittedly a carbophobe, because when I’m not, I get fat. Lower carb seems to work best for me, but I am willing to try.
Thanks for any help.



I would go with Hot-Rox first since your primary goal is fat loss. Hot-Rox will help preserve your lean body mass while allowing you to shed the fat.

Indigo-3G is awesome, but I’d reserve it more for a time when you’re looking to shift your body composition, as in adding lean mass while dropping some fat.

But if you want to annihilate that extra fat, I’d start off with Hot-Rox.


I am extremely sensitive to stimulants so I stay away from most-I haven’t and probably will never try Hot Rox.

I tried Carbolin-19 and even that had me zooming at the max dosage! With that being said I think your best bet is to stack Hot Rox with Carbolin-19 together as a combo --there’s a number of posts on the subject with people seeing great results.

I swear by Carbolin-19, it works so hard for me, I typically only take 1 or (MAYBE) 2 pills per day and get fantastic results. Increased body temp, sweating + water consumption, appetite suppressant, overall energy, lean mass and test boosting!

I would LOVE to try Indigo-3G but I just do not have it in the budget right now. I will continue to pray to the Biotest Gods on that one lol!

Good luck with your body transformation! Remember that putting in the work under the bar and, of course, diet is priority #1! For me carb cycling works best.strong text


Glad you’re having good results with Carbolin-19, great supplement, I love it also.

I’m not sure what’s up with these effects you’re experiencing, but I highly doubt they’re from Carbolin-19. There are no thermogenics or stimulants in it like there are in HOT ROX, so increased temp, sweating, etc., wouldn’t be initiated by the Carbolin-19. Just putting that out there for anyone reading who thinks they will feel these effects, I’ve never felt anything like that from Carbolin-19.