Order Confirmed, V-Diet Number 2!

My first V-Diet last year was a success, and now, one year later I am significantly heavier than I was before I started!! In a GOOD way though :). I wasn’t even planning on doing another V-Diet,the body fat crept up a wee bit, and I was looking into starting cutting here real soon, then I found an old tub of Metabolic Drive from when I did it last time(with just a bit in it), and when I opened it up the smell of it took me right back to it. I decided this time it will be alot better, as I weigh a little more than the first time, and actually know what I am doing with weights now, I don’t expect as drastic results, but I do expect to come out looking the best in my life. I think I may do a V-diet every year or two, simply for the psychological aspect(well, and its gonna do good for my physical aspect as well)

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