Orange Spike Shooters

are we going to see Orange Spike Shooters in the store again? Any flavor other than original? Any chance we’ll see quila lime again?

I know they revamped the Spike Shooters and are changing them to a 12-oz can instead of the original 8.4 oz, so I’d guess that they may eventually bring some other flavors back to that line, but I haven’t heard for certain.

I’m bummed too, as anything orange is always my top choice. I still actually have two orange Shooters in my fridge that I’m reluctant to finish. :wink:

Qulia lime, though, that’s been gone for a long time and it’s not in any of the Spike line (Spike Energy or the Double Shot), so I wouldn’t count on seeing it again, unfortunately.

My quila lime question was only worth of a tag-a-long question to the Orange Shooter question. It wasn’t worthy of a stand a lone post! But, since I was asking, figured it was worth a shot.

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