Opting for Transition Phase


I completed the V-diet 6 months ago and lost 4 inches on my waist and overall 14lbs(very pleased).
I was thinking of essentially doing the transition diet phase for 8 weeks…My HSM would be dinner. All other meals shakes.

I would like to follow the Waterbury workout program as well…would eating one HSM meal a day require any adjustments
to the workout? I would essentially just double the Transition workout.

I can’t imagine having one HSM a day would dramatically effect my results? I definitely could be wrong.
My dinner is generally protein(meat) and a plate of veggies with fishoil caps


I know a lot of people who pretty much live on the Transition phase – shakes during the day, including good peri-workout nutrition like Surge, then a healthy solid meal at night. It’s easy to stay on that long term with no worries. Makes it easy to stay lean or get leaner. Very convenient too.

Also see the <a href=""target=“new”>Pulse Fast and Pulse Feast plans if you like that general idea.

I don’t see a need to double the Transition workout, but you could adapt just about any other training program on this site, depending on your goals.


Sounds good! Pretty much what I thought. My pitfalls are not eating properly during the day( I work in the o.r) and then being mind-numbingly hungry at night- hence me gaining some fat the last 6 months. I figured with the shakes during the day etc…it would help alleviate that
immediate rush for satisfaction when I get out of work after 10 hrs.

My plan is to follow the V-diet workout for the duration of 6 weeks, and then adapt the eating habits of shakes during the day after a good solid breakfast.

Thanks for the reply, it’s always appreciated!


Sounds like a good plan.

Keep us posted!