"Optimal" Supplementation for Twice a Day Training?

Hi people,

I am struggeling a bit how I should supplement for best effects.
Goal is to get stronger, put on some muscle-mass, maybe 5-10 pounds and get rid of some fat (8-10% BF would be good).
Current weight ist about 80 Kg, BF probably around 14%

Schedule is more or less:
5 days a week
AM: 2 hours of general movement work in the morning including high tension flexibility stuff, some static work like handstands and so on
PM: 1-2 hours either MMA practice or heavy strength work

What would you get and when to get optimal support here?

So far I just add some whey here and there if I didnt eat well, supplement omega3 and minerals.

best regards

The most practical workout nutrition for your training is probably going to be Surge Workout Fuel. It’s ideal for longer workouts, so those 2-hour sessions shouldn’t be an issue, and it can serve double-duty helping with sports conditioning (like the MMA) as well as strength workouts.

I know you said you’re using Omegas and a mineral formula. Those can definitely help overall recovery. Flameout is a high potency fish oil you might want to switch to when your current one runs out, and ElitePro minerals has a blend of highly absorbable mineral designed for athletes.

Not sure what this means. Ideally, you should really be “eating well” more often than not, so dialing that in will help everything. And even then, whey or some kind of protein powder can still have a place.

You might want to think about a hydrolyzed casein like Mag-10 (faster digesting than whey) or a whey-casein blend like Metabolic Drive. This article talks more about the different benefits of each.

What does your diet look like?


Definitely eating well more often than not, it happens once or twice a week that I have to skip a meal due to work or anything like that and I’d just have whey.

My diet looks roughly like this:
After getting up drinking water taking some supplements (omega3, vitD3 & K2)
Then the first training session starts.
After that I’d have a bigger breakfast, mainly fat & protein based foods. Example would be 10 whole eggs & veggies. To this I might add milk & whey with 30g of honey to get in a few carbs as well.
During the day I eat some nuts, maybe a fruit or veggies and drink a lot of water.
1-2 hours before the evening training I usually don’t eat but sometimes I’d have whey again.
After PM session again a big meal of mainly fat & protein in form of fish or meat and veggies/salad (lots of). Depending on how I feel and how intense the training has been I add carbs here, mostly potatoes or sweet potatoes sometimes rice, quinoa or something like that.

Generally very paleolithic diet, not real low carb but eating mainly fats for energy at the moment.

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