Optimal Plazma/Supplement Usage


I am trying to get the most bang for my buck so to speak with my supplement budget. I am on my second round of the reactive pump stack. I am placing Plazma as my priority above all other supplements.

Right now my protein, carb, fat ratio is approximately: 330 - 300 - 80 on workout days without Indigo. When I replenish my Indigo stock I will up the carbs. I am 5’8" 205lbs. 12-14% bodyfat currently.

My schedule looks like this:
8:ooam - 2 scoops whey iso protein in coffee, 1/2tblsp. cocunut oil, 1 HOT-ROX
9:30am - 4 eggs, 1 scoop whey iso in coffee
11:30 - 6 ozs lean meat, 1/2 cup rice, some form of vegetables
1:30 - Nature Valley granola bars, 1 scoop whey iso
4:00 - Pre w/o: 1 serving Plazma w/ 1 HOT-ROX or spike tablet
4:30-5:30 2 servings Plazma peri w/o
PWO - 2 scoops whey iso with 1 ripe banana (not going to lie…usually in chocolate milk)
7:00 - “Normal” dinner with proteins, carbs, fats…
9:30 cottage cheese and whey iso

I am trying to watch my macros while spending my money wisely on supplements. Does this schedule have any glaring issues? I am doing Meadow’s type training…

I know you are getting inundated with questions so I apologize if this was too much information or in the wrong place.

No problem with the questions or the info. That’s what this new forum is for!

You’re right on track with keeping Plazma and Indigo-3G as your core supplements. Definitely the “biggest bang for your buck” combo and the <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma Reactive Pump Stack is the best way to save money on them.

While macros are important, don’t forget about overall calories. With <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G, the vast majority of people find they can eat more to fuel muscle gains without gaining body fat. You really have to throw out the old “rules” for what you think works for your body, because your physiology is going to start working differently on Indigo-3G and Plazma. As some of earlier Indigo-3G users said, “It’s like being genetically blessed all of a sudden.” So experiment with overall calories and find that perfect sweet spot of intake for you and your goals.

The same is true for carbs. The carbs in Plazma aren’t the same as the carbs in, say, bread. So while it’s a good idea to count them just to see where you’re at, you’ll probably find you can consume these specialized carbs without fat again, meaning if 300g was your cutoff before, you may find it’s more like 400 or more now since many will come from your workout nutrition. As carbs are increased, you’ll need less protein, so cut back on the whey.

Now, as for your goals, you didn’t state them clearly. You’re taking HOT-ROX so I assume that fat loss is part of your goal. Yet you’re consuming granola bars (junk food) and chocolate milk (also junk food) so you’re working against yourself there. I’d definitely replace those two things with something cleaner.

Most people on Indigo-3G don’t need a dedicated fat burner either. We’d rather see you drop the fat burner and spend that part of the supplement budget on MAG-10 to replace your post-workout meal. A banana really doesn’t help at all post-lifting; it’s just fructose, which also makes fat loss more difficult. As for the whey, it depends on the quality. The cheaper it is, the more filler it has. (Beware of discount protein!)

If you’re just taking HOT-ROX for the energy boost, stick with <a href=""target=“new”>Spike Tablets instead. Less expensive and even more of an energy boost.


  1. Drop the food items that could be holding back your progress, such as granola bars and chocolate milk.

  2. Consider getting off the fat burner and using that savings to invest in MAG-10 for post-workout and a between-meals protein pulse.

  3. Keep the macros in mind, but if progress is slower than you’d like also check to see what your calorie totals are looking like. I like to give every adjustment about two weeks, then evaluate how it’s working and readjust if needed.

Thank you for your response Chris. Your feedback is much appreciated and will be used. I’m very motivated to train this spring.

You’re very welcome. Keep us posted!

Chris, I agree with the feeling gifted comment. A friend told me the other day that it must be nice to be gifted to stay lean without cardio. I told them, I am not at all blessed, it is my way of eating and my supplements I take! Prior to going wheat free, pulse feast eating and Indigo I had to do boat loads of cardio to get lean. Now- virtually none and I’m bigger and leaner.

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