Optimal Brain Candy Use


Hello all,

Just purchased some brain candy after almost a year of debating. I have a couple teacher workshops to go to, each 3 hours long, and I thought it would be the perfect way to test out a first-time use. The first one is this Tuesday from 6-9, and I know the bottle says take in the morning. However, if I want to experience the “buzz” during the workshop, should I still take in the morning?

Any suggestions would be great.


That’s fine, just remember that the effects of <a href=""target=“new”>Brain Candy last a long time. The stimulant effects last about as long as most physical stimulants do (roughly 6 hours), but the cognitive and mood effects of Brain Candy last much longer. So you may want to take it on an “empty” stomach around 3 or 4. That way the physical stimulant aspect from the caffeine for example won’t have you revved up until after midnight. And of course, much depends on how you tolerate stimulants. Every is different there.


Thanks, Chris! Sounds good to me; I’m probably going to be the happiest person there!