Opinion on Frequency of V-Diet

Im a V-Diet vet, w great admiration for the whole process and Im eagerly looking forward to my next run to get rid of the summertime fun. I did my first run last January, (great way to start of new year) I was thinking about doing a block in october-novemeber cause I love the accountability aspect it pts on me, but at the same time I also want to do one again in January after the holidays, not like I got crazy and dont exercise reguarly and eat right, but im a FFB so any slips in the diet tend to show. And once again I really like the dedication aspect.

Shugs you or any other experienced V-Dieters got opinions on the feasability or even the effectiveness of 2 V-Diet runs in such a short time?

Thankyou for any help.

No set-in-stone rules on this, but many have done V-Diets with just 4-6 weeks between them.

Another idea is a V-Diet “Lite” if you start to slip back into old habits or want to really tighten up before an event/holiday/vacation. That’s a shake in the morning and a shake as last meal of the day with HSMs in between. Even just a shake at night can work wonders as the nighttime meal is when most people choose bad foods and overeat. Replace that with controlled calories and low carbs and it can usually fix any slippage.

Thanks Shugs, I usually end most days with a double serv of Metabolic Drive as is… cant beat it if you find the right consistency w the ice and water.

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