Only Post Workout Surge?

Sorry for the double post but this is bothering me. With all of the hubbub about workout nutrition before and during the workout as well as after I was interested why that is ignored in this program. Can somebody please explain why there is no workout drink used before and during the workout? Or is the Surge to be consumed over the training period as well? Thanks.

CW gives two peri-workout menu’s in Huge in a Hurry. One for regular folks and one for true hardgainers.

Thinking I only cared about performance I did the hardgainers carb-protein before and after menu. I felt great but it is no way to get skinny =)

The V-Diet is going to leave you with good nutrition throughout the day so you have enough goodies in the blood stream to do these workouts. And protein post preserves muscle.

I am not sure about it but the V-Diet has me intrigued. I plan a 16 week lean program but will re-eval the need for a drastic program after 4. I hope you have good luck with trying it and post up your results.

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