Only MAG-10 Pre

Hey guys,

I workout first thing in the morning. Would it be fine to just do a dose of MAG-10 beforehand, as well as a dose of MAG-10 intra along with bulk cyclic dextrins (don’t have the loot to drop on plazas or anaconda, but will continue to purchase MAG-10!).

Would some additional cyclic dextrins before hand or perhaps just some coconut oil or nuts with the pre workout MAG-10 be a good idea?

Do not mix anything with <a href=""target=“new”>Mag-10 or you will compromise the precise formula, especially if you add cheap bulk powders which often contain inert fillers.

Your best bet is to pulse with Mag-10 pre, during, and again post workout. Or consider one of our package deals or multi-unit discounts at the <a href=""target=“new”>Biotest Store and use a pre-load serving of Plazma, then one serving of Plazma during, and one serving of Mag-10 post. That’s a very effective protocol and will save you some bucks.

Thanks chris. I wont mix anything with MAG-10 pre workou then, but I will take my chances with the cuclic dextrins intra workout and just add some bulk aminos. Gotta stay in budget :wink:

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