Ongoing Progress Journal

Just finished Day 7, and had my HSM today–a BUNCH of sashimi (tilapia and salmon), one sushi roll of tuna and avocado (with brown rice), plenty of soy and wasabi, unsweetened green tea, a head of broccoli and a bell pepper (both without any sort of dressing). It felt like a cheat meal, but I have always loved sushi, sashimi and nigiri, so I doubt it’s a reflection of any changing tastes.

On the bright side, my friends got Wendy’s a few days ago, and the smell of the fries nauseated me. I think next week will be a spinach salad with walnuts and fresh raspberries, a low-fat cut of steak (rare of course!) and the topping-less baked sweet potato.

So far, I’m down to 176 lbs from 182, and I’ve lost an inch on my waist, 1/2 inch on my chest and about 1/4 inch on the rest of my body. The diet itself has gotten a lot easier, although I do have one problem–it’s hard to maintain the 30-sec or 45-sec interval between sets in the OSU gym I attend, since the machine will frequently be taken when I come back. I work around this by doing other exercises on my circuit while I wait for the machines (for the lat pulldowns or the squat rack, for example) to become available.

Just finished Day 9. Nothing new to report, but each day on this diet seems to be getting easier, and although I still notice a bit of lightheadedness and shortness of breath after the workout, it’s nowhere near as bad as it was on Day 2, when I thought I was going to puke. The fish-oil burps have subsided too, it seems!

Starting day 11. This diet gets easier and easier–honestly, at this point it’s just routine, although I was craving pizza fairly badly last night. It’s also really nice not having to go to restaurants/to the grocery store–I hate grocery shopping!

I can’t help but weigh/measure myself every day, and I discovered something good and bad today: I lost 2" off my waist (good), but my bathroom scale is broken (bad!) Oh well, there’s a scale at the gym which I will use later today.

On day 15 now, and last night was my second HSM night. I had a rare sirloin steak, plain sweet potato, and a spinach salad with walnuts and raspberries. The scale this morning reported 169.4 lbs, and a cursory gut measurement reported 37.5" (for a net loss of 13 lbs and 2.5" off the waist).

I’ve been following Waterbury’s beginning program, and I have to say, it kicks my ass! The diet itself gets easier and easier though–I think I’m smitten with the inherent ease in this diet (no calorie counting, no cooking, no grocery shopping, etc).

That’s freakin awesome!!! Keep it up!!! You gonna get any before and after pix up on here?

Thanks for the encouragement!!!

As embarrassing as this is, here are the ‘before’ pics.

[quote]glwillia wrote:
net loss of 13 lbs and 2.5" off the waist).


Nice! Keep us posted!

Day 20 is today, and I’m still going strong on the diet (with 3.5" down thus far!), but I’ve hit a snag–turns out next sunday (day 26 of the diet) I will be flying to Geneva, Switzerland to live for 3 months. Anyone have any experience bringing MD and supplements on the plane?

Bringing pre-mixed shakes with me is obviously out of the question, because of the TSA’s no-liquids rule, but will the powder and supplements cause issue? Anyone had to deal with transcontinental flights whilst on the V-Diet, and have any advice?

Had my second-hardest day on the diet Saturday, which was the Physics department winter party, and barbeque was catered. I purposely showed up 1.5 hours late in the hopes the food would be gone, but it was still there. Fortunately, I have several jars of MD in my office, so when I got too tempted I just went upstairs and made myself a shake.

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