One Wk Left, Not Enough Product


Ok so I have looked around the forums and read that the product amount was for the 28 days only with your initial order. If this is true I understand and of course just missed that in the fine print. I did the diet back in March of this year started at 250 which called for 13 jugs of protein which figures up to around 403 scoops.

I made it through the 28 days and transition phase with this amount. Technically I think it was a jug short because the 28 days with the 2 week transition phase calls for around 440 scoops but some how I made it the 42 days. I had great results and enjoyed the diet but did not run into the problem I have now. Myself and a friend of mine started the diet on July 8th expecting to be finished August 18th.

Now here we are almost done with week one transition and will only have enough product to make it to the end of the week. which will be 7 days short. Now figured up this is also about a jug short, because it is 372 scoops in 12 jugs and the diet calls for about 405 scoops. My friend however only had 9 jugs because he was lighter obviously and that was right at 28 days almost.

Now if this is true then I either missed it when I was reading through the program or it is not clear enough in the diet order guide. You can understand my confusion because I made it through the diet with out any product issues, and the way the V-Diet program reads it leads people to believe that it is set up for the full 42 days because I did not read in the guide anywhere that said the V-Dieter should stop at 28 days.

I have given my friend some of my protein so we can both make it to 35 days and we have a friend that has protein that can be used in place of Metabolic Drive. We are in Afghanistan so our choices our limited and more Biotest product would not get here in time. If I would not of shared my protein with my friend I would of only been a couple days short of 42, but he is lighter and only had enough for the 28 days.

If this is the case why not include the entire amount of protein in the initial order so it has the discount? or maybe have it say in big red letters only enough for 28 days. Now I do realize if I would of done the math I would of known before hand we might be short on product but I did not think of it because I made it through once with the initial order. Grant it I obviously did not take as many shakes as recommended but even so i would of still been only a couple days short of the 42.

I do not expect an apology or anything of that nature just maybe an explanation. I love the V-Diet and my results are great but maybe this is something that can be addressed in the program.


The V-Diet is 28 days long; this is mentioned several times in the plan. Most people will have some product left even after the 28 day plan. There is a suggested two-week transition period, but this isn’t part of the package since many choose to do their own style of transition, or just one week instead of two for that period. Sorry if that wasn’t clear.


Ok Chris thanks for the quick response and as I said I may of just miss understood, but it seems that they way the V-Diet guide reads that it is a given to do the transition phase and I am not arguing either I made great progress in 28 days, however for the price that seems a little steep, when it goes from 42 days to 28 and I understand that it is a personal choice to go on this diet, but without that transition period it doesn’t seem like my results would of been near as good, I recommend the V-Diet to anyone struggling to get their weight under control and kick start a healthier life style and I know it has changed my physique drastically and changed my taste buds and eating habits.

Maybe a paragraph below the order form explaining the 28 day part and that the transition phase will need extra product. The price already turns a lot of people off to this diet and I know that 400$-500$ for 28 days instead of 42 days will further fuel this notion. I am not saying it should be cheaper or that I am even right. I do know, however, without the transition phase the diet is not as effective and the habits do not stick as well with he shorter version(I did the diet in April of 2010 and only had around the 28 days, had product leftover do not remember how much)

The way it is set up now seems to me like pushing product instead of the diet, just my opinion and not by any means saying that the V-Diet needs fixing, you guys are the professionals. This is just how it seems to me as a customer, and again the V-Diet is great, awesome tool to have in any healthy life style, just thought insight into the consumers mind might be appreciated.