One Week V-Diet?

I’m a fairly lean individual who has never really made it to “the next level” (ie: being able to actually see my abs.) I feel like I’m really close, but have never actually pushed beyond my current level. A friend of mine had fantastic success with the V-Diet (28 pounds lost!) and I’d like to give it a try too, but I’m a student with very limited disposable income. Looking at other V-Dieters (my friend and Gus) I’ve noticed that the first week is the one where the most results are achieved.

So here’s my questions: would doing a super-strict V-Diet for a week help me drop a few points of BF% to help me get a little bit leaner, or would it be a waste of time to not complete the whole thing?

I’ve already ordered 3 bottles of Metabolic Drive (and a bottle of HOT-ROX), so I can either use them for the one-week V-diet, or just keep them as occasional meal replacements while I train and eat normally. What would be the better option for my goals?

There is no such thing as 1 week V-Diet. Your just pretending.

Waste of time for the most part. The weight loss in the first week is mostly water.

Although it could make logical sense to cut the V-Diet short after 3 weeks for example if you attain your desired level of body fat in that time, but as others have highlighted above that due to the low carbohydrate nature of the diet you will most likely see the biggest loss of ‘body weight’ in the first week, though the majority of that will be water.

The V-Diet “Lite” might be a better option for you:

Hey Chris,

If I follow the Velocity Diet formula, I come up w/ 1500/1800 calories.

If I buy the Low-Carb Metabolic Drive, which runs at 100 calories/scoop … that means I will be drinking a bottle every 2 days at a minimum. That then for 28 days is at least 14 bottles at 33$ = 462$

Is my math wrong?

As per your quote on 5/1/08 at 15:30
"…here’s what the average man needs for 6 weeks of V-Dieting (4 weeks Velocity Diet + 2 weeks Transition):
2 HOT-ROX Extreme
2 Surge Recovery
2 Flameout
13 Low-Carb Metabolic Drive* "

And you guys sent Gus 14 bottles too … I’m lost as to how that is going to last me 6 weeks if according to my calcs it just meets the original 28 days.

FYI - I am very similar to Gus in age, size, etc.


spot1on: Don’t forget to count the calories from the milled flax seed and natural peanut butter. Not ALL your calories come from Metabolic Drive.

Everyone is a little different in their needs though. Also, it depends on how strict your Transition is. Some do one solid meal per day for a whole week, then two on week two of the Transition. That may mean an extra bottle of protein is needed. Always better to order more than needed rather than run out. Even Gus had leftover protein at the end, but that’s fine since most people continue to have one shake per day post-V-Diet.

Hey Chris,

I’ve got a bit of a dilema and could use your advice. I’m 25 and recently relocated to Chicago where i put on about 15-20 lbs in my first year. I’ve been looking to get back in shape for some time now and decided to use an upcoming trip as motivation to make it happen now. My trip is in 6 weeks and I just resumed a consistent work out schedule for the first time in about a year…

My question, is whether I have enough time to use the V-diet? My plan is to use this week to prep - i.e. order my supplements, continue to eat better and get in another week at the gym. From there, I was going to do the 4 week plan and then 1 week to transition. But is a 1 week too little to transition off???

My trip won’t be conducive to adherring to a strict diet and work out plan, but I’m dying to use the V-diet now to kick-start my reversal…considering how well others have done on it.

I’ve reached the point where I want to make some long term changes. I’ve never done a strict diet before as i’ve always been in somewhat decent shape, so this plan entices me, because of it’s simplicity - i.e. i won’t have to manuever the kitchen…

Thus, i guess i have a few questions for you:

  • should i use the v-diet plan now or pick another one for now and use the v-diet when i’m back from vacation to get in even better shape for the holidays?

  • if i use the v-diet, is one week tranisition enough? Will i experience major yo-yo reversals on my vacation if i’m not on a strict diet??

  • if i use v-diet now before my vacation, how soon would i be able to use it again after my vacation?

I’m looking forward to my vacation, but am almost a little upset it’s so soon, as i want to get serious about changing my build and don’t want to waste anymore time.

Thanks in advance for any advise you can give.

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