One Week In

so first week in…man what a roller-coaster :stuck_out_tongue:
first two -three days i felt so hungry and lacking energy but then started to adjust and feel more able to cope :slight_smile: plus now i am at the one week mark and all of those lows have been worth it for the high of weigh in day.
lost 5.6kg in first week :slight_smile:
5cm of my shoulders and chest
2cm of my waist and 1cm of each thigh

my question to those experienced V-Dieters do the results slow down? what happened in your first week compared to your second and third??

thanks…hope all is well with you all :slight_smile:

Everyone is different. You may lose some extra “bloat” like water weight as well as fat during week one. But weekly weigh-ins aren’t the focus here, but rather long term results - 4 weeks, then 6 weeks, then keeping going as taste/cravings/habits change. The scale stuff means very little. Take measurements too.

hey Chris thanks

I am taking measurements dropped well in the sites mentioned above but failed to drop in hips calfs and arms. its all a bit of a wait and see game and learn as you go. coz me and my trainer are in NZ and noone around us or we know has done it before we just learning as we go and taking it as it comes, but i thought even joining on here might help answer some things along the way.

will let you know as the journey goes… :slight_smile:

I do live in NZ too
on my 24th day now:):):slight_smile:
and lady aswell
and good luck
you can do this

just take 1 day at the time and u get there
faster u can expect


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