One Week In, Advice Needed


Hello Chris,
I have hit a hitch and would like your advice.
I started the V-Diet on Jan 20th, last friday, and everything has gone fine since then(I posted my results for first week at the diet log section)
Yesterday I felt sick and my stomach felt really light; I could barely swallow my meals.

I got 2 meals in and laid in my bed most of the day. I slept quite early and missed the 3 other meals! I do not think I got sick of the meals but rather because my brother brought some cold in the house.
I woke up at around 3:30 A.M this morning feeling fine and tried to make up for the missed meal but could not fully finish because I don’t feel hungry at all; I could only get 1/2 a shake down.

On a side note, I am used to eating only one meal a day at around 7:00 in the evening; something akin to the Warrior Diet minus the healthy part. That is I am well trained in not feeling ‘hungry’.


First, let’s make sure you’re doing the diet correctly. Are you using Metabolic Drive, Surge, and the other supplements in the diet? (Your purchase level says 0.)

If yes, then tell me exactly what your question is. (Your post contained no question.) If you’re worried about the missed shakes, well, not much we can do except to get back on the horse and continue with the plan as written.

Lastly, make sure your flax and natural nut butter are kept in the fridge so they don’t spoil. Cut the flax down to half if you feel this upset your stomach.


Thanks for the quick response.

I have exactly the V-Diet package that I bought from this site;I just bought it with another email address.

The question is it seems like I just don’t have an appetite anymore. I tried downing a shake again but just could not do it. What can I do to fix this?


It seems a bit dumb when I write it up. =/
My stomach just feels really light, I’ll just down it and hopefully not hurl.
Hoping it will get better by the end of the day.


Well, not being hungry while on a extreme diet is not a bad problem to have, eh?

Play with the amount of water and ice you use to blend your shakes. You may prefer them thicker or thinner. But try not to skip shakes or you can risk going too low in cals and losing muscle. You may however reduce by one scoop of MD for the day. We built that wiggle room into the program.


Hahaha, I suppose not.

I will try only one scoop. Thanks Chris.