On to the Next Training Program


I’m starting to wind down the V-Diet - moving into transition week 1 in just 48 hours! Before I had committed to the V-Diet I signed up for a half marathon in October. It’s one of those things that’s been on my bucket list forever, so I figured I’d go for it.

My question is - most long distance running programs encourage a lot of carbohydrate and salt intake for energy. I’m not doing this half and trying to be the best runner out there, my only goal is to finish and not collapse at the 8 mile mark. I want to make sure I don’t “un-do” all the work I’ve done with the V-Diet. Do you have any recommendations for a happy medium in terms of carb intake?

I plan to do a combination of cross training and long distance running to keep up on some strength work, but I am nervous that I’m going to soften up too much after all that I’ve done…


Just don’t fall for the junk-carb fallacy: pasta, bread etc.

Think sweet potatoes, a little oatmeal, rice. Also, I’d highly recommend FINiBARs for long training sessions and pre-race: