On the Come-Back, When to Start V-Diet?

Long story (fairly) short, im coming back from 6 months of inactivity due to injuries from an assault (rotated C1/C2, compressed C6/C7 & torn L5) - prior to this i was traning abut 20hrs between S&C & MMA - obviously mys bodys a little softer (and im down 15 lbs) then when i got attacked, & ive since joined the army & want to get lighter - my Q is, how long after i start weight-training (light weights :stuck_out_tongue: ) & moving again, should i get on the v-diet? 3 months long enough to get a base again? Start with the intermediate program?

That’s totally your call. But I’d suggest starting with the beginner program. You can always switch to the intermediate after the first week if needed.

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