On. Now. Go

This is my 1st attempt at V-Diet using Biotest supps.

previously i used supps i could obtain from my local stores and managed 12 days (lost 26lbs) of “V-Diet” before i gave in and 3days (pathetic) before i gave up.

This time round I want to do it right so I bit the bullet and got myself the Biotest stuff. (expensive USD$200 shipping be damned)

My starting weight is 220lbs
height: 72.5 inches
measurements around my navel: 44.5"

I must say 1 year ago i was actually 196lbs and cleaning and jerkingabout 175lbs (not v heavy but still) but I let myself back slide. the weird things was the first round of “V-Dieting” cut my addiction to carbs(mostly) and sweet stuff. but i started to over do the meat eating part and would indulge in noodles once a week. thats how i ballooned to 220lbs.

I’m sick of having a belly and i wanna torch the fat off for good so i can feel the same kind of confidence and energy i felt when i was 196lbs(even at this weight i still had a belly)

started on the 19th Aug and so I’m actually on day 5 now.

felt as good as i could be (i mean when you’re on a liquid diet how good can you feel if u really like food).

but day 4 and 5 was actually abit hellish for me. had really bad cravings (these always get me when people around me are eating) but i’m glad i’ve managed to smash the cravings down.

I’m gonna follow the workouts to a T. except sub the v-burn with twice weekly soccer sessions. i have to get my soccer fix.

i plan on eating my first HSM on day 6,11,17 and 23. I figure this way theres less waiting time to the HSM and on day 29 which is transition day 1 i’ll get my 1 HSM a day fix anyway.

Keep us posted. Logging in daily can really help you stay on track!

Day 6 (HSM day)

weighed in this morning at 212lbs (down 8 lbs)
measurement around navel is at 42.5" (down 2")

Gonna hit the gym after lunch.

Have crab meat cravings. Hmmm…thats really odd. I’m more of a meat person. Although I must say I dreamt of steak after 1 day on the vdiet.

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