On a Budget: Metabolic Drive Muscle Growth?

I am interested in gaining muscle mass and strength. After my workouts I have simply waited one hour until eating a solid meal. I would like to add another supplement post workout. Would Metabolic Drive Muscle Growth be sufficient?


Hi RExis,

On a budget go I would go basic. And by that I mean hit your bases. Calories, Protein, veggies, fish oil, water, sleep.

Metabolic Drive Muscle Growth is a great foundation shake, just keep in mind it’s science not magic. You have to get your calories in, and get your .5- 1 gram per pound of body weight of protein to build that muscle mass.

I would also suggest Flameout. I know that sounds weird, but Fish oil is basically the Chuck Norris of supplements. It does every thing. and one dose of flame out covers all your needs.

There are a lot of awesome products from Biotest, but if we are talking strict budget my first two would be protein and fish oil. So Metabolic Drive Muscle Growth and Flameout would be a decent start.



First, while post-workout is important, so is pre- and during workout. You may have heard some refer to this as peri-workout nutrition. We now know that the right nutrients delivered in the right way pre- and intra-workout are crucial to get the most out of your training: faster muscle growth, better progress, faster recovery, and killer workout energy.

Metabolic Drive is a quality meal replacement shake, but it’s not a targeted workout nutrition supplement made specifically to take advantage of that window of opportunity. For that, your best choice is <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma.

For those on a budget, the multi-unit discounts bring the price down significantly. You can find those at the <a href=""target=“new”>Biotest Store. Even if you only used a pre-load serving of Plazma and a serving during training, this would be far superior to a protein shake after training.

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