Omg, I Want Salt


I’m Day 4 on the V-Diet. It’s been a struggle so far. Not from being hungry, but having cravings for a solid bite of something salty. My wife and kids are chowing away on delicious food and it’s really bloody hard to stay strong.

I figure if I can make it to weekend meal, I should be golden for the rest of the diet.

Sirloin and Broccoli is what’s on the agenda. Would I be a bad person if I had a potato with that too?

More seriously, which day do you recommend the solid meal on? Saturday or Sunday?


Be sure to add salt to your HSM, and make sure your nut butter is salted. The V-Diet is low in salt, and salt isn’t a bad thing, so use a salted nut butter and salt your HSM all you want.

Sat or Sun HSMs are fine. Up to you, and you may want to time it around something social. The main thing I suggest is to do your weekly weigh-in and measurements before your HSM., the morning of is fine.


On the subject of sodium …

… pickle spears, your thoughts?

230mg Sodium
<1 carb.


Not unless it’s HSM day.