Olympic Movements on V-Diet


I’ve been training for a few years, and work with athletes on a daily basis. In the V-Diet training, I didn’t see any inclusion of Olympic movements or plyometrics. Both of these are key components of what I use with my athlete’s training, as well as my own. Is there a way to include cleans in the workout, or at least some sort of jumps/plyos?

I’m not thinking of very heavy weight, but at least something that allows me to maintain proficiency at the movement. What are your thoughts on this?

This is fine, and heavy weight is fine. It’s actually the endless higher rep stuff some people use on fat loss plans that the issue. Heavier weight signals muscle preservation. Just avoid traditional “cardio.”

Awesome! That’s a huge relief to hear, because full cleans are easily one of my 3 favorite lifts. Two other questions I just thought of. I usually take a scoop of C4 pre-workout, is that allowed still or should I drop it? If so, is another creatine source okay, or should I be avoiding it altogether?

And I usually play pick-up basketball once or twice a week, should I treat these as full workouts and consume some Surge Recovery after, or just an extra shake, or not play while I’m on the V-Diet?

I don’t know what that is, but if it contains a stimulant, no. You’re already taking HOT-ROX. If it contains any calories, no. If it’s a NO2 type supplement, no. Save your money.

I’d play it by ear. You may not need anything extra. If so, half a shake (one scoop), not Surge.

Okay, good to know. It’s a creatine pre-workout supplement that also contains some caffeine, so I’ll cut it. This sounds like a solid plan. Once I get settled in to my summer internship I’ll order the V-Diet stuff and keep you updated. I’m excited for the process! Thank you for your help.

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