Old Man Lifter


I’m a 54 year old male diabetic Type 1, I have use iron to balance my blood sugar when at 14 years old I found lifting iron made me feel a lot better than running, , to get to my issue I’m 5-11 195 , , 4 years ago I strained my rt shoulder so I allowed it to rest and worked my lower body but before a week passed my left shoulder was in pain also , well the Dr. said I had a rotator cup injury, I have tried everything to rehab with no relief except surgery , worst part is I have man boobs now , that’s not cool at all any help would be welcomed


Sounds like you’re dealing with a few different issues, but they’re pretty related so dialing in the training and nutrition should help pretty much everything.

Are you cleared for unrestricted training considering the shoulder problems or is there stuff they said you should avoid? This article has some general shoulder health drills that can help, adding some of them (not all of them) at the start of any training session should help.

I’d also walk basically as much as you can fit in. It’s hard to walk enough to bring negative effects, and it’s a simple way to increase calories burned, improve heart heath and insulin sensitivity, and reduce stress in general.

While you’re cleaning up your diet, you should also consider Indigo-3G as another way to help your body better process carbs and improve insulin sensitivity. Some studies have shown its main ingredient to be comparably effective as metformin, but you should run the idea and the research by your doctor if it’s something you’re still treating.

Flameout and Curcumin are also some things to consider, as they’ve both been shown to have a ton of benefits - cardiovascular, joint-related, insulin managing, etc.


Thanks Chris, Dr said to avoid lifting upper body that was 6 months ago next visit 2 weeks , as I started rehab, I have not had surgery , ill find another way, the rehab has helped because I can sleep now, I have 600 employees that work for me so lifting helps the stress, I read the article on man boobs and tire around the waste a few weeks back and ordered the Indigo-3G, Flameout , and Rez-V , Ill get on the walking but I would rather be chased running for my life , my diet is ok sugar runs 95-150, mid day it goes up 180-200 and by 5-6 pm down to 70-90 before Dinner . A!C is 7.3 was at 6.2 before shoulder issues went to 8 3 month ago so I started training light weight upper body and heavy lower body , ( no walk or running though )