Old Interview Article


Chris, I’m trying to find an old article where you interviewed a female doctor (a doctor of what I’m not sure).

One of the things discussed was liquid absorption, and she suggested that you sip your PWO drink because she said chugging slows the rate of absorption. Do you remember this? I can’t find it on the site. Thanks.


I don’t recall her saying that, but this is the article you probably mean:


Yep, that’s it. I think I had it backwards.

T-Nation: You mentioned hydration above. I also caught your presentation at the last ACSM Summit and you mentioned something interesting about gulping vs. sipping fluids during exercise. Can you tell us about that?

LB: It’s better to gulp fluids during exercise rather than sip. The reason for gulping over sipping is that larger volumes of fluid empty from the gut more rapidly than sipping. If an athlete sips, he or she is more likely to complain of a full stomach and won’t be able to drink enough during exercise.

Thanks Chris.