Old(er) Man's V-Diet in the Works

Ok here we just ended the 2nd week and here we go…

Height: 5’10" Age 51
Bf%: (ugh)28.5-24.8-23.1 (based on my Tanita Innerscan)
Neck: 16 1/2-16 1/4-16 1/8
Chest: 43 1/4-41 1/4-41 1/4
Upper ab: 41 1/4-39 1/4-39 1/4
gut/love h’s: 44 1/2-42 3/4-42 1/2
Waist: 40 1/2-39 3/4-39 3/4
Butt: 45 1/2-44 1/2-44 1/4
Above Knee: 17 1/4-17-16 3/4
Calf: 15 3/4-15-15
Arm L: 14 1/2-14 3/4-14 1/2
Arm R: 14 3/4-15-14 1/2

Not much change but some. However, I have a pretty neat scale in the Tanita Innerscan. It measures: weight, BF%, Metabolic Age, Body Water %, Visceral Fat, Bone Mass and the weight and fat% for each arm and leg and trunk!
This handy device gives you clues that I couldn’t measure with my cloth tape or my regular weight scales.

This week, having lost only 1.4lbs of body weight actually registered a gain of 3.6lbs of muscle and increased my hydration by 1.5% while losing fat in each limb and gaining muscle in each of them. Net results are not always net results. Not on the surface. My metabolic age when I started this two weeks ago was 65!!! Tonite it shows me at 45! Remember folks, I am 51. How does it do all that? Beats me. But it is encouraging and we can all use some of that on this journey.

Best wishes to all!

Let’s see that belly measurement hit the 30’s! Keep it up!

No comment on your socket wrench…

Is Dr. Oz right?! Ok, 6 months of V-dieting, here I come! :smiley:

The idea is to remove the fat around that general area…stomach, butt, pubic area so to speak. I’ve got a friend who just dropped 30lbs even. I told him what would happen if he dropped 5 more and his wife took his sandwich away from him!!

Well, did something wrong. Tried to update my results and just ended up typing over the 1st week, so the comments don’t make sense. Sorry…anyhoo…today is day 16 and life is still good!!!

Keep up the good work. I’m fixing to have a go again and am getting motivated. Steady on

Just ended week three and must admit, a bit bummed but not bad. After the slow week two I was hoping for a huge week three and in some ways it didn’t happen. Won’t fault the program, I’m sure the ridiculous amount of time I have spent over the past 19 years losing and gaining back the same 10-15lbs has me screwed.

So I will press on. The end results most likely will not be what my goals were and if not, I will add one or two more weeks until I hit them and then do transitions. It has been fairly easy and smooth for me, so the thought of a couple more weeks doesn’t bother me a bit. It may take that to get this 51 year old back into acceptable condition.

Weight 217.2-209.4-208-205.8
Neck 16 1/2-16 1/4-16 1/8-16
Chest 43 1/4-41 1/4-41 1/4-41
Upper 41 1/4-39 1/4-39 1/4-39
Gut 44 1/2-42 3/4-42 1/2-42
Waist 40 1/2-39 3/4-39 3/4-39 1/4
Butt 45 1/2-44 1/2-44 1/4-43 3/4
Thigh 25 3/4-25-25-24 3/4
Calf 15 3/4-15-15-15
Arm-L 14 1/2-14 3/4-14 1/2-14 1/4
Arm-R 14 3/4-15-14 1/2-14

So…nearly 12lb in 3 weeks. 2 1/2" off the gut and BF% has changed dramatically
from 28.5% to 21.1%. Muscle has been gained, fat has been lost.

Still want to see a front number weight change…190’s and 30"s for a gut measurement before I end this phase of the journey.

Week four is on!

GO BABY GO! You have the best attitude!

Rock week #4 – I’ll be watching!

Excellent. BF down, waist down, health up, way to go. Just like eating an elephant, one bite at a time.

Timing is everything on this adventure. I had no major hurdles to jump in this 28 day period, just me. I forgot last night was my grandaughters 3rd b’day party. Grilled burgers, dogs, the BEST home made potato salad and the creme de le creme? deviled eggs! I said no to it all. My daughter’s feeling were hurt, she made me extra eggs.

I manned the sno cone machine for the night and made about 100 snow cones and kept everyone happy and my mind off food. Wow.
Can’t believe I made it thru that unscathed but I did. I got 4 more days. I lost a notch in the belt and finally someone told me I looked “shrunk up”…I live in Kentucky…it was a compliment.

Ok folks a little input if possible. I am finishing this “phase” on Sunday. While I have achieved some very good results, for me, I am still not at where I need or want to be. Still have 20+lbs to lose and lots of inches off the gut and waist etc. My questions are around transition time. I can continue the actual V-Diet, as it has not been a struggle for me at all.

Or I can go to the 1 meal a day transition and do it for as long as it takes, up my weights, change my routines a bit and go back to HIIT

Again, I am 51 and don’t look to get ripped or shredded, but healthy is my goal. Continue V-Diet? Maybe for a couple weeks more? or straight to the transition?
The V-Diet strictness has made major changes in my state of mind towards food. Actually, nothing sounds very good, food wise, right now. My last two HSM were disappointing.
I’d rather had a shake when it was all said and done.
Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

Hi GMan! I’m pretty sure that Shugart would encourage the 1HSM per day route…he even addresses that in the thread “The Transition: Coming Off.” Personally, I don’t think I’d be able to continue the V-Diet for even one extra week. Besides, just adding food back into your diet is another shock that your body needs to adapt to. My guess is that you’ll continue to see results even in the Transition phase!

Good for you, tho, for having the willingness!

Good luck!

Your results sound fantastic. Are you going to do another VDiet right away, or transition, let your body “rest” and do another? From what you’ve posted, you seem to get along quite well with the rigidity of the diet. I WISH I would rather have a shake than food (dammit)

anyway congrats on your results and even more congrats on finishing! syd

Well done Goatman. I’d have thought transition for 2 weeks, finish that phase, then go back to V-Diet. Your digestive system will need at least a brief period of solid foods to get working again before you go back to the V-Diet. also as Kristen says, the change back to solids then off again is likely to shock your body again, and help prevent metabolic retardation.

That said, the calorie intake and the way we take it over 5 times of the days mean there should be minimal (and possibly even an increase) in metabolic rate in any case. I’d transition off, then go back on afterwards. You may want to up the weight training a bit during the training phase as well…

Good luck, and congrats!


I love that word.

Finished Phase One of my “reconstruction”.
Ended the 28 VDays with the following starting and ending measurements:
Height 5’10" Age 51
Neck 16 1/2-16 1/4-16 /18-16-15 3/4
Chest 43 1/4-41 1/4-41 1/4-41-40 3/4
Upper 41 1/4-39 1/4-39 1/4-39-38 1/2
Gut/handles 44 1/2-42 3/4-42 1/2-42-41 1/2
Waist 40 1/2-39 3/4-39 3/4-39 1/4-38 3/4
Butt 45 1/2-44 1/2-44 1/4-43 3/4-43
Thigh 25 3/4-25-25-24 3/4-24 1/2
Calf 15 3/4-15-15-15-15
Arm 14 1/2-14 3/4-14 1/2-14 1/4-13 3/4
Weight 217.2-209.4-208.0-205.8-203.8

I did not take my body fat% yet, will do that tonite, as that is the time I have done this all along. Overall, very pleased with what 28 days of dedication and following guidelines can take you, or me anyway. I did not make a couple goals and so will do this for one more week and then slide into transition. Never cheated, never missed a workout, never missed a NEPA and never stuck to anything so closely in my life. I could have gotten better results by using HOT-ROX, but my mitral valve heart issue won’t let me.

Some of its in my head, but my heart pounding doesn’t settle well, so I don’t use em. I did try them and ended up just not getting accustomed to them. But that’s me and I am sure they can work for someone else. Gave em to my brother and he uses them. Not only do I 100% agree with this progam I would encourage anyone out there who is considering it to do it. It’s not that bad. Mental, mental, mental.

I’ll log back in later with my final body fat % and some other charted stuff. Have a great day and keep pushing yourself.

Congrats GMan–you should be really proud! You really stuck with it, overcame the HOT-ROX issue, and still came out on top! Good for you…

You gonna keep posting during your transition?

I’ve tried to be very consistent with weighing in the same time, checking my body compositions at the same time and trusting the readings. Dropped 13.4lbs but in the body fat area I started at 28.5% @217.2lbs and ended at 21.0% @ 203.8lbs…that’s close to a 20lb body fat loss!!

Why not so much on the scale? Gained some muscle and became very hydrated. Went from a 51% hydration to a 57%. Not sure but that 6% of hydration has to weigh something!! I could do the shredded in six and strip off all that water weight and might lose another 5 or 6lbs.

I have added a grueling routine to my workouts thanks to Dan John…The Tabata Thrusters…not a boy band…but a difficult 4 minute session added to my lifting days, at the end I might add. I have also started some lighter HIIT for now and will work up to some full blown ones in a few weeks. Right now, another week of V-Diet. take a couple days “off” and then off to 28 days of V-Diet Light…one HSM a day.
At the end of that time, we’ll go from there. Depends on where I am.

Very focused and very motivated to see the me I knew about 17 years ago…

Good luck to all.

Good thread, Goatman. I’ve been reading threads from T-Nation daily and after 2 years this is only my 2nd post. I’m about the same age as yourself. Is your name in reference to a 69 GTO? I doubt if very many folks on this site know that “goat” was what we called our GTO’s. Heck, most have likely never even heard of a GTO. My first car was a 67 GTO. Unfortunatly, by time it became mine in 1974 it stood for “get your tools out”.

Anyway, it’s been interesting reading your quest to shed body fat at this stage of life. I can definitely see the advantage of a rapid fat loss effort such as V-Diet. I started my quest a couple years ago and took a much longer route to fat loss. It took me about 6 months to lose 30 pounds of fat.

I must say, hunger was a constant sensation for me and my system required about a year for my clean eating habits to finally became my norm. I’ll be interested in whether the V-Diet shortens your system’s “learning curve” and resets your hunger and cravings in a shorter period of time.

Hang in there. Similiar to yourself, I have a 3 year old grandson and the idea of being able to throw ball, shoot hoops and teach him how to run pass routes has really helped my motivation as has reading of folks like yourself in our quest for better health and function.

Yep, I have my dream car back from a complete nuts and bolts rotisserie-frame-off redo. All new, everything is correct 1969 GTO Judge in Carousel Red, 400 Ram Air III, 4 speed. It’s a lot of fun.

Nice to know someone else here has grand kids and can relate to being older, wiser and slower but still motivated to be in shape. I am sure you would agree, if we knew at 30 what we know now, we would have stayed in better shape. Cause it is sooo hard to get back into shape at our age.
Trust that folks!! Keep working at it and see if you can teach that boy how to dive for that ball!

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