OK, Here We Go Again

Background: Did the Velocity diet and got amazing results ( ). Since I was at a remote base in Afghanistan I didn’t have a tape measure so everything in my results is pounds. Trust me when I say that pounds do not tell the true story. I felt and (was told) looked amazing.

I found that for a good 2 years afterward I simply could not put on fat! Even when I had slip ups I just burned it off. I spoke with my Dr. about it and he said that the V-Diet probably reset my thyroid. Anyway I was very happy.

Fast forward 4 years and 7 months and here I am again. An injury in 2012 forced me to stop doing what I was doing and now I am a business consultant who travels most weeks. Cannot work out because of the injury and being at a desk and eating like shit has taken its toll. I am now 227 pounds and look like hell.

I finally decided it is time to take it by the reins and my solution is my previous savior…the Velocity Diet.

Yesterday was day 1 and yes I feel crummy today and being in a house full of food (thin wife, thin 11 year old boy…they need to eat and no V-Diet for them is wanted or needed) is going to be a lot more challenging than being on my base in A-Stan.

It does not matter though. THe Velocity Diet is the best thing I have ever done for my body and I will finish what I started.

What I am about to do is painful for me; I am going to post some pictures. I do this to motivate myself as well as to let others know that it is never too late to start.

This wonderful 28 day program truly has the ability to change, and save, your life.

Another picture

good luck!

[quote]Hennelly wrote:

This wonderful 28 day program truly has the ability to change, and save, your life. [/quote]

This right here, motivates me! I’m not putting too much stock in this diet, but man, even affecting my life a little will do wonders! Good luck!

Thank you both. I just drank shake #1 of Day 4. It seems pretty easy this time around (not that it was horrible the last time), maybe because I am spending the week in a hotel without any collateral food around (wife, kids) there are less temptations.

Anyway starting late yesterday the headache went away and my energy kicked back in and I feel really good! I think the hardest parts of velocity are Days 1-3 and then deep into week 4 things get a little rough (at least for me).

The real payoff comes from the changes you see…those are the motivations that keep you going. Find a pair of jeans and slip them on once a week before your HSM…they will tell the real story.

Remember…food is fuel. I consider myself somewhat of a gourmand and a bit of a wine snob so I definitely find pleasure in eating. The Velocity Diet actually brings that back because as we slip further and further from “food is fuel” we start eating mindlessly or as a comfort mechanism and that takes away from enjoying it fully.

Food is fuel and should be entered into the body mindfully.

I’m going to rock this diet!


Ok, here we are on Day 6! Had to fly late yesterday so was forced to skip a shake (dinner). Got home and had my bedtime shake plus 2 tablespoons of all natural peanut butter (BTW TSA will confiscate peanut butter, it happened to me yesterday at DFW).

Woke up this morning and my energy is through the roof. I feel great! I am planning my 1st HSM for tomorrow evening to take the place of my bedtime shake (no nut butter for me tomorrow).

Mentally and physically I feel better than I have for a while…I am feeling a little trepidation about tomorrow’s weigh in but I think it is important to remember that numbers on a scale do not tell the whole story. I don’t care what numbers I see I am finishing the 28 days!

Food is fuel, food is fuel, food is fuel.


Day 7! Woke up today for weigh in #1!

Start of diet = 227 pounds

Day 7 = 222!! That is 5 pounds gone.

Very pleased and I feel great!

HSM tonight is steak and sweet potato!



Today was a weird day. Slept in and did not feel hungry at all until Noon; from then on I have been ravenous.

The family has got to keep eating and tonight’s cheeseburgers that my wife made on our smoker smelled and looked fantastic; but I just told myself that if I want to look fantastic I have a program to stick to.

Additionally I had a really powerful desire for a bourbon on ice today but I overcame that as well.

Although I have been hungry all day I also have a LOT more energy than normal.

I have to admit that feelings of doubt have been creeping in because I am so hungry but I realize (at least on a rational level) that the hunger is more in response to yesterday’s HSM that any real, metabolic hunger…I am getting enough calories from the shakes.

So I will gut it out. There is nowhere to go but forward and re-learning healthy eating is NEVER an easy task.

I am going to crush this diet, and emerge all around better for it!


It’s good that you put it int he right perspective. I keep thinking how good it would feel to eat like crap, but then make myself understand that that’s temporary, when being healthy is lifelong.

It has been a while since I posted last but that does not mean I have quit!

Today is Day 23 and I am still going strong. I have lost 10 pounds as of Saturday and I look and feel a lot better. Today was a hard day because I wanted to get to the office early so I A) Forgot to drink my breakfast shake; B) Forgot to pack lunch.

I had no choice but to turn this into a fasting day until I got home and my energy is consequently depleted. I find that when you are lacking energy the food craving are worse and almost ANYTHING sounds better than a shake at that time…just gotta take a deep breath :slight_smile:

Just drank a shake and I am starting to feel better.

Pants are looser, putting on more of the jeans I had put away because they were too tight and I am off of the last notch in my belt!

Everything is moving in the right direction.

Thanks Velocity Diet!


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