Off Label Use of Indigo-3G, 1 Cap/Day?

For the life of me, I can’t find the thread where it was postulated that even a single cap of Indigo could be of some health benefit. So, in lieu of finding that thread, I’m taking the lazy way out and asking it again.

Is there health benefits of taking a single cap of Indigo a day? Or, is the dosage so minimal, it simply doesn’t do anything?

Look, I know it has been revealed that real nutrient partitioning/reduction of fat inflamation occurs with 4-6 caps depending on the individual. But say one has done a 12 week (or much longer) of 12 caps/day and is on the “maintenance” dosage of 4-6 caps once a day; would it be of any benefit healthwise to take a single cap of Indigo everyday? I realize this small a dosage may not help with the primary purpose of taking Indigo, but there may be other benefits.

Heck, postulate if you must.

A single capsule would at least contribute to antioxidant intake.

what was your results with indigo 3g

Bill, thanks. That’s what I recall in the previous thread but was unsure.

Screenwatcha: I had a pretty extensive log in the Inigo-3G forums. It might still be in there somewhere.
Long story short: I-3G was great for me. I still use it religiously.

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