Odd Question about MAG-10

Anyone tried mixing MAG-10 with unsweetened almond milk?

With or without the flavoring agent…

Why?? I would not try it as I would not want anything to get in the way of absorption. MAG-10 is a “get in and get out” type of supplement. Spike amino acid levels and bring them back down to baseline level in a short amount of time.

Almond milk with some low-carb Metabolic Drive? Yes.

Add anything other than water to Mag-10 would really interfere with the effects. Don’t do it. Also, that would be mighty gross.

Thanks! Just checking, since one of Meadow’s menu’s calls for 1oz nuts + pulse before bed… and I’m a little worried that the MAG-10 might be a little too stimulating.

I worried about that too, but it doesn’t seem to be an issue with Mag-10. I often drink one before bed or one in the middle of the night. No problems sleeping.

Same… no issues with MAG-10 before bed with some nuts. I also add 2 Flameout & 2 FA3… and 4 Curcurmin.

(Biotest whore much lol)


Maybe you can clear something up for me.
Last month I ordered several tubs of MAG-10. I never had it before and wanted to try it since I read so many good things about it. I found it to be everything you said it was, and way more in my case. My question is, I am planing to place another order but now I see MAG-10 comes in different flavors.

My last order I ordered several tubs and also ordered some Intensified Flavors to add since I noticed MAG-10 didn’t come in different flavors. The Intensified flavors were to be added to create any acceptable flavor the customer would like when drinking. Is this new or was I making a mistake without further checking my order, By the way, I just had some MAG-10 and it was tasteless without the flavors added.

Thanks for the assist.

Mag-10 is and has always been unflavored and comes with your choice of Intensified Liquid Flavoring Systems, which are included in the price. (Though you can order extras.) When you order you will see a pop-up asking you to choose quantity of Mag-10 and the flavors you want.


Thanks for clearing this up for me.
I ordered extra flavor intensifiers because I found one per tub may not be enough.
I’m glad I did. One flavor intensified bottle wasn’t enough for my taste. I must admit, I would find it very hard to stop using this outstanding product.
Thanks for all you do, we really appreciate it.

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