Observations from a V-Diet Newbie

I’ve been strength training and doing an aerobic work out for about six months but have not seen any wieght loss - just gain. Granted, I am stronger and probably healthier, but I don’t look any better naked. My husband, sick of listening to me whine about my incredible expanding ass, challenged me to do the V-Diet for just one week.

So, one week into this miserable stinking diet and here are the facts: I screwed up the first day by getting too much fat/calories from flaxseed (got the measurements wrong). Otherwise, I’ve followed the diet exactly, including using HOT-ROX. I followed the beginner workout, but did not do the NEPA walks (no excuses). I’ve lost 2.5 pounds and I think my butt is actually a little smaller per having more room in my pants by the end of the week. My weight tends to fluctuate so my actual weight loss might be a little less, but I haven’t seen 153 on my scale for nearly a year so I’m cautiously optimistic. Seeing the scale down by another .5 pounds this morning, I’m really really annoyed.

Why? Because this damn diet is working. Which means I have to stay on it if I REALLY want to look better naked instead of just whining about it, and that means I can’t go back to my old way of eating. Ever. I wasn’t a bad eater, but the “real” reality is clearly different from the reality I was comfortably living in before, which went something like:I worked out today so I can cheat a little; or, it’s not my fault b/c I have sluggish metabolsim; or (and reinforced by my doctor) I’ve reached “that age”, yada yada yada.

This past week on the V-Diet has forced me to confront the role food plays in my life and realize that its about much more than nutrition. It’s about stress relief and pleasure and “fun”. What am I going to replace it with? These past several months I’ve clearly been negotiating with myself as to how I can have my cake and eat it too, and what the v-diet has made all to clear is that not only can I NOT have my cake, I can’t eat it either. And regardless of how long or successfully I stay on the V-diet (b/c it’s still one day at a time for me) I now know that there is no going back to my old way of eating and thinking about food. At the very least I’ll have to come up with new lies to tell myself. The veil has been ripped away, the rose colored glasses cast aside. Reality is a little more real. Oh, joy.

It is true, the V-Diet will certainly change the way you see and eat food; no question.

But, I did learn something else… You can’t have your cake and eat it too ALL OF THE TIME. Granted, for the V-Diet period, it is for none of the time. But after transition, you will need to learn how to eat for everyday life. That means eating clean for roughly 90% of the time, but for the last 10%, that is the time to truly enjoy those occasions, that surround food, that makes life rich for us.

If we didn’t, we would always feel deprived and would set ourselves up for the binge eating or the “I ain’t losing anyway, so F*ck it and eat what I want anyway” mentality.

Good luck on your journey! Do the V Diet for the 28+ days. You will have a much greater appreciation for clean eating when all is said and done.

[quote]msmit002 wrote:

Good luck on your journey! Do the V Diet for the 28+ days. You will have a much greater appreciation for clean eating when all is said and done.[/quote]

Thanks! I really do appreciate this forum. Lots of people going through some version of this and it helps to read how others deal with it. And the supportive, encouraging words are very helpful.
I took measurements Saturday, which I know I should post. This a.m., which marked the first day of the second week, my scale showed a 4 lbs drop since I started a week ago. That’s huge for me. I never lose 4 lbs in a week. I haven’t lost a pound in over a year - just gained them.
So - I’m still cautiously optimistic and committed to another week. One week at a time for me. :slight_smile: I am proud of myself for getting through all the food cravings last week without a single slip. I think the hardest was going to the movies this weekend and not getting any popcorn. God, it smelled so good … but I resisted … and it does give me confidence that I can get through another week. Beyond that is just too far ahead for me to speculate. I’m focusing on my SHM for next sunday (yesterday’s got all FUBAR) and looking forward to seeing a hint of abs by Sunday… maybe (I KNOW they’re there somewhere!!!) I’ve also found that cheweing sugarless gum during the worst of my cravings/hunger helps me hold out until I can have my next shake.
Thanks again for your words of encouragement. They really do help.


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