NY2016 V-Diet 3.5

Hello everyone. I’m Richard a 30yr old personal trainer living in Edinburgh, Scotland.

I’m the guy the V diet intro was talking about. Fairly fit, eat pretty well and have my health game tight.

However I am fat. 6’4 and 230lb. Not obese and a hell of a lot leaner than during my past life as a professional chef but I’m not instantly recognisable as a fitness professional.

Anyway 2016 is my year and I’m going to get down to 195lb with abs. Maybe not in 28 days but within 365.

The V-Diet will be a great “kick start” to your plan! Keep us posted!

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Will do. I’ll post pictures and measurements on the 1st, I’m not quite done with the shitty holiday diet just yet.

The plan is to really build up some self loathing to see me through to April.

On a related note I was planning to follow the diet and Dan John’s 10000 swing program. I didn’t realise the V-diet actually had a training element.

No offence meant to Chris obviously. I’ve got to learn a Les Mills routine to get certified by February and the swing challenge seemed mindless enough not to use up my limit mental RAM.

Has anyone had success (or abject failure) attempting the diet with modified exercise?

Many people have used different training methods and had success, but for best results use the V-Diet workouts. They’re designed just for those undergoing the diet and having lower calories and needing to preserve muscle mass while also burning the most fat. But it can be done, and Dan’s 10,000 swings program is great.

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This routine isn’t mentally demanding. Actually, its pretty easy to hit the parameters. My thoughts are to stick with the program as defined. If you are going to run through this rugged dietary program, follow the program completely and don’t modify it. Chris set this up back in the early 2000s and has had a shit ton of success with those that follow it to a T. If you modify it, you may get less than awesome results, and thus wasting the 28 days you spent sucking down vanilla and chocolate slurry while the rest of the world was satisfied with their complete meals.
You’ll have plenty of time afterwards to do the Kettlebell challenge.

28 days isn’t that long man, I have the program in excel spreadsheet format that you can print out if it would make it easier to track and log.

Mods, is there an FTP or upload section?

Lets fucking do this.

Nothing much to report. I’ve photos and I weigh 239.3lb.

WAY more than I thought I did.

I’ll post them tomorrow as my mobile won’t let me.

No gym today but I’ll be back to work tomorrow so will have gym access all day everyday(I’m a PT).

Today was super easy but then I’ve done plenty of intermittent fasting so if anything the challenge was remembering to keep chugging the shakes.

Tomorrow will be more interesting as my usual Warrior Diet feast has been replaced by a mindfully eaten 500kcal of butterbeans, broccoli and grilled chicken.

I’m really really focusing on the mindful eating thing. It’s the ‘habit change’ thing that really sold me on this diet.

I eat like a starving wolf.

One meal a day got me from obese to ‘bit of a tummy’ but I can still put away too much food to get lean.

Day three and still nothing to report.

Diet is as written and effortless. Like I said I’ve done 40hr water fasts so this 60 something hours with two little meals and twelve shakes is a breeze.

It’s the calorie deficit that will get me later.

Training has not happened but will tonight.

I’ve decided to stick to the script and do the Kettlebell challenge on day 29.

So anyway. All is well. Spent yesterday pissing like a racehorse but fine today.

Few pounds down but I’m sure that’s just the turkey passing out.

“Eat like starving wolf”- ha ha ha! I have tears from laughing so much at this!

I often describe my eating habits like a savage fiend… one friend compared me to the walkers in The walking dead- that was a low blow!

Nice to meet someone closeish to home doing the diet! goodluck!


Where about in London are you? I lived in Essex for a long old time.

I think zombie trumps wolf… It’s stupid but I always convinced myself the lifting and fitness would slip back if I didn’t keep my calorie high.

I enjoy the fasting but I know I was too uncontrolled with it.

There was a good article here, called something like ‘Intermittent fasting: Sound science, behavioural BS’.

It was pretty accurate. Fasting IS the best way to eat biologically… But its easy to screw it up and a lost cause for most people.

I’m in Angel! nearish Arsenal football stadium (the nicer area though! ;o) )

Essex?! you poor thing, don’t admit that to too many people!

IF does not work for me… I understand the concept… But working as a nurse for so many years, we are almost forced into a state of IF, there would be days where i wouldn’t eat for up to 10 hours at a time (taking into consideration I’ve already ‘fasted’ whilst asleep!), and that was to quickly wolf down a banana or chocolates in between patients! Due to all of this, and some childhood crap surround food etc, I’ve a stupid psychology surrounding food… For me, regular meals work best, I feel less shaky and jittery… and less likely to yell at someone because I’m hungry!

Day 2 down, headaches galore… but i’m surprisingly doing alright!

I think I would rather be likened to a bear that eats… I like bears!


Day 4, about 1pm.

Not hungry as such but I’m seriously thirsty all the time. Really hot and dehydrated feeling which is mad considering my fluid intake.

And wired. Almost jittery. I have I will admit had a coffee but no more than usual. I’m not really the fat burner things FYI…

The workout was pretty cool last night. Good energy, very reasonable volume.

I like the set/rep scheme. Clever idea.

On a side note everything smells too strong. I could smell some dudes cigarette smoke from the other end of the free weight area and someone in my apartment must have burnt toast this morning because its all I could smell in the hallway.

My wife didn’t agree.

Ha ha ha!

I thought the overheating thing was just me! But I’m literally boiling all the time, been sleeping with my window open and it’s like 1 degree outside! :grimacing:

I am also peeing loads! And the strong sense of smell is getting to me! Does the flameout smell make anyone else feel nauseous? I’ve always struggled with taking cod liver oil tablets due to the smell, but these flameouts are highly potent!

I don’t drink coffee anyway or any sort of coffee stimulants apart from green tea, so not sure where my jitters or nerves are coming from!

Day 5, It’s pretty good so far. Steak beans and veg last night was so good.

I was eating slower and actually enjoying the process rather than just destroying it.

Feel good today, less hot and hyper.

I’m waking up really early this last week. Not a bad thing as I’m falling asleep quickly and feel rested. But thought I would note it.

If the current trends continues I think there will be a big scale drop for day 7.

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This has been a big change for me, actually taking my time to eat and not woofing it down. Dragging out eating my HSM is a peaceful and enjoyable part of my evening now.

That’s interesting about your other senses being heightened. I get my supplement shipment tomorrow so I’ll be joining you guys officially on Thursday.

The heightened sense of smell is very strong today! I’m sitting next to a colleague who hung her work clothes to dry in her kitchen… She stinks of day old roasted chicken and I’m doing everything in my power not to wretch!


Last night, I had to fight the urge to eat standing at the counter. I’m so conditioned to dinner being standing at the sink wolfing down whatever the kids didn’t eat. It was cool to sit down and savor the meal, and really satisfying.

Day six has been good. Good energy, not hungry, not hot, dehydrated or jittery.

In all honesty finding the diet very easy so far.

Certainly informative that such a small calorie count at night DOESN’T leave me hungry the next day. I guess I’ve been lying to myself.

Weigh in tomorrow. I know I’m down alot but curious to take side by side photo.

I’m more interested in day 14 weight really. The first week it’s always amazing.

Only ‘negative’ is being busy and being a shake behind. It’s too much!

I’ll have a single after dinner before bed but sure as hell don’t need it to curb hunger.

Day 7, was the ‘worst’ day so far. Travelling all day got out of sync with the shakes and ended up with one being a vending machine protein from the gym I was at.

Also my hsm was leftovers. Still reasonable stuff, butchers sausages, cauliflower with the butter daubed off on paper and some butter beans.

Still under 700kcal I’m sure, 600kcal of obvious food plus clinging butter.

Weight loss has been awesome and if I’m ever near an actual computer I’ll upload the pictures.

Still not posted pictures because I suck.

The progress is good though. Day 10 today.

Felt more depleted and shitty today than previously but I blame the British weather and performing 100 Kettlebell snatchs in five minutes on a dare.

Dropping a pound a day give or take. No cravings, little hunger, not too much willpower needed.

Workouts good but I’m getting really sore considering its like 40 reps… I do VOLUME usually and nothing like this DOMS.

No biggie. Razor sharp with the HSMs. Weighing and measuring to the 0.1.

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