Nutrition Post Surgery?


I just had surgery on a sports hernia I suffered during hockey season this year. I won’t be able to exercise for about a month, due to the recovery. I’m wondering what your suggestions are as far as nutrition. I’m worried about putting on any weight before I can start up my training again. I’m wondering what I should eat, how often?


Since you’re not training for a month, obviously diet needs to be super clean. No cheats, no junk. Food choice is more important than timing etc. at this time.

And since it takes about a month to get rid of bad dietary habits and foods addictions, this would be a great time to get that taken care, if any issues like that exist. For example, drop wheat and/or milk if you haven’t already.

A “paleo” style diet is fine for low activity times, but I’d suggest my 100 Gram Carb Cure plan: