Nutrition for the Common Person

Hi chris.
i now have my wife and daughter 1 interested. so i gave them the basics.KISS
please review.
no wheat products at all
no sugar. unless from fruit.
stay away from oil except for coconut, extra virgin olive.


today i hope to go food shopping with my wife to Fairway(big market taht should have the “right” stuff.
im making a list.(my household consists of me, wife, 29 yr old daughter, 15 yr old daughter, 22 yr old is away at school, my 87 yr old mother in law, and the female dog)

coconut oil
rice pasta
rice cakes(my wife likes them. to me, they are like cardboard)
almond milk(wife and kids like this anyway. i dont drink milk. havent for years)
almond butter ( i think u said this)
please review and adjust/add accordingly

All good choices and very much K.I.S.S. Nothing too strict either like “don’t eat carbs ever!” But rather just choosing better carbs. I like that.

If any of the kids eat cereal, I’d pick up some rice puff cereal in the baggies. It’s basically unsweetened Rice Krispies. Then you can add some Splenda, stevia etc for sweetness.

I suggest the unsweetened almond milk, but the lack of sweetness can surprise some people. You may want to start them off with the sweetened variety to easy them into it, then move to unsweet later.

Make you don’t get the “no stir” nut butter. They add all kinds of crap to it. The oil should be separated at the top.

coco oil is nice. panfried some sea bass in it withnred onions… marvelous.
they had 2 kinds. liquid and some hard stuff, thatblooked like lard… whoopie!
i bought both

Coconut oil can be solid or liquid, often just depending on the temperature of your house. In cooler temps, it’s solid. In warmer temps, it’s liquid. My coconut oil in Texas is liquid; it’s solid here in Colorado.

natures way. liquid cocopremium oil
nutiva organicextra virgin coco oil
ancient harvest organic quinoa ,inca red
poconao cean of buckwheat
tinkyada organic brown rice pasta
i have those
they also had cashew butter, no almond butter

i also got
shit. rice bread… ng. it has flour, tapioca starch? kinnikinnick foods brown sandwich bread. it says gluten free,
it has a bunch og garbage it it… damn. canola or safflower. it will probably stay in the freezer for awhile. ha ha

food for life rice pecN bread

just got home. so more tocome later

i just noticed that 1 cup rice has 33g carbs.
1 cup isnothing. ive been doing double or triple that. thats cool.
i should try to do a count. im eating tons of food, and i am leaner.

All sounds good!

The gluten-free breads usually have a small amount of stuff in there I’m not crazy about, but I use it, just in limited amounts, like two slices a day. Then I try not to buy every week.

sorry bout the typos. i was outside in the dark, on ipad, and no glasses.
i just saw them,
by the way, thanks for the note. i will respond tomorrow.

what do u use for bread crumbs?

[quote]domcib wrote:
what do u use for bread crumbs?[/quote]

Nothing usually. Breadcrumbs just aren’t a staple for me. But I have used almond flour to cover meats, then pan-cook them in coconut oil. Gives it that lightly “fried chicken” feel.

I’ve never used pre-made, wheat-free breadcrumbs but they do exist. You can find them online and in some health food stores.

have you tried rice flour?
when im out doing the driving thing. i’m ok with food, but, im lacking in snacks(snack for me is a shake usually).
funny. i feel best when i have 2 meals in my 4 hour window,
1st one, mag pulse, ana peri, then mag pulse then shake.
2nd… food, then later a shake
3rd food, then later more food, and more food

so, im thinking that i could use some “bar” to replace the shake when i’m out.
which one do you suggest? fin, or meta?
oh, and how long is their shelf life?

i know all that big deal just to ask a simple question. it must be the caffeine in the brain candy.
by the way, i wish they would have sent me some bars as a trial instead of the brain candy.

Rice flour is fine. Carby of course, but fine for the hard-training Indigo-3G user.

Either Metabolic Drive bars or FINiBARs are fine too. MD is more of a “snack” bar and FINiBAR is more for pre-workout, but both are good choices. I live on them when flying and traveling. Not sure of the shelf life. They don’t last long around my house!

HI Chris
i have a friend who is interested in losing weight. he does not workout at all
he just works a lot.
would you recommend a wheat free and Indigo-3G?
thanks dom

I’d start him on a wheat-free plan. This will naturally limit his calories since exorphins in wheat cause most people to overeat by a few hundred cals per day. Step two would be to get rid of milk. Not all dairy, just milk. Indigo does help those who don’t train, but it’s a big investment. If your friend is serious , it would certainly do him good.

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