Nutrition and Dosage Question When on IF

Hi guys, I just purchased two bottles of Indigo 3g and I have a question regarding when I should take my doses. I typically work out 4-5x a week. Usually all during the weekdays. I am intermittent fasting (8 hours) so I usually have my first meal at 12 noon and then I work out at 5-7 depending on when I get off work and have dinner after I work out. What time should I take my dose? I usually just eat those two meals a day in those 8 hours (12-8pm) and I am not used to eating a pre workout meal. My biggest meal is usually dinner and I have generally stayed low carb for many years now (150g and under a day, a lot of days 100g or under), how much should I ramp up the carbs? I have also been diagnosed with high blood sugar last year even on a low carb diet which is very odd and worrisome. I generally don’t eat any grains and get my carbs from veggies (I don’t like fruits at all). Only recently have I started to eat carbs with my meals (quinoa, rice, some sweet potatoes and potatoes and weekends I might make some noodles/pasta) and hitting around 80-125g a day normally and even with a 1500cal a day diet 100g protein 60-80g fat my weight has stalled. Seems like nothing I do will allow me to drop weight and I am hoping Indigo 3g can give my metabolism the push it needs to burn the fat. Any advice appreciated. Thank you!

Age 33
Height 5’9’'
Weight 187-190 fluctuating day to day
BF I would say 25-29%

This article has a great perspective on carb intake for lifters. A lot of people who were used to going low carb saw much better progress when they started Indigo-3G, trained hard, and re-introduced good carb sources (like the rice, potatoes, and quinoa you mentioned). @Chris_Shugart has also written a ton on the forums and in articles about how Indigo flipped him from a low-carbin’ guy to carb-lovin’ guy.

You might also want to check these articles, Part 1 and Part 2, to address the blood sugar issues and work on revamping your nutrition plan.

Intermittent fasting combined with low carb intake is unfortunately a perfect combo to limit Indigo’s effectiveness. It’s a nutrient partitioner, so it needs nutrients to work with. I’d definitely take the Indigo before training and make sure you have a protein-carb drink during the session. On non-training days, have it before your biggest meal of the day. So basically, label directions are the best bet, but work on not IF’ing or low carbing to get better results.

For a 190-pound lifter, that’s low calorie and low protein, so it’s no wonder your fat loss stalled. I’m not sure what your training looks like (the volume, any cardio, etc.), but try bumping up the protein a bit and add in some good carbs, so your daily intake is going up. Those two steps should help to reset your metabolism and kickstart more progress.

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Thank you Chris!

I will start cooking some rice today and increase my protein intake. For a pro/carb workout drink during my lifting sessions what can I drink besides Plazma if I am budgeting? I have a few tubs of whey protein but what can I add in there for the carbs? Also, I am looking for a fat loss program on Indigo. What kind of lifting program should I follow? Hypertrophy or strength? My current routine is 2 days of heavy lower rep compound lifts (squat dead press bench) followed by a 10-12 minute Crossfit style WOD. Another thing, on my off days from lifting I try to do HIIT cardio 15-20 second max effort on assault bike with 90 seconds rest for 8 rounds (feel super winded afterwards because my conditioning is very poor right now). Do I need to take the protein and carb drink when I am doing HIIT and when should I take Indigo on those days? Sorry for all the questions but I am just very excited to start Indigo ASAP

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