Nutrition After Velocity Diet? 5/3/1 Training During?

Hi all,
I am getting ready to start the Velocity diet, a couple of questions. How do you go to eating after you have finished the Velocity Diet. Can I continue to do 5/3/1 for my workouts?
Thank you,

You just sorta… do. The daily HSM during the Velocity Diet lets you basically “practice” cooking and eating the right stuff consistently, so just aim to stay on track with that kind of approach. Some people are more comfortable transitioning to two HSMs per day plus 1-2 shakes, then three HSMs and one less shake, and then finally full-bore whatever suits their nutrition approach.

Many people find the plan also helps them break cravings for hardcore junk food since you’re going 28 days without it and your taste buds can get kinda recalibrated. So you’re really not likely to hit the drive-thru for a double Whopper w/ extra cheese or grab a Snickers on day 29.

It’s always best to use the training plan included with the program because they were meant to coordinate with each other. If you do your own training, understand that it’s now a variable thrown in that may affect results.

Especially something like 5/3/1 which is strength-focused, it’s not really the ideal for a short-term, intense, fat loss plan. You’d need to really dial back, especially not pushing hard on the PR sets (just hitting the minimum reps) and monitor total daily and weekly volume on accessory work to allow recovery. At the very least, I’d keep the v-burn workout as hard conditioning and a way to monitor week-to-week performance progress

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