Nut Butter Timing


Hi Chris - I started the VDiet on Monday and am having a bit of trouble with the timing of the nut butter. I have a sensitivity to fats, and am finding having the nut butter in my pre-bedtime shake is causing me problems in the morning (maybe too much info, but I get a build up of phlegm when I intake too much fat at once). Is it possible to swap my dinner shake with my pre-bedtime shake? Or have the nut butter in my morning shake? Thanks!


Hmm, never heard of fats causing that before. But yes, you can swap the order if that helps.


Thanks for the quick reply Chris. I have always been sensitive to fat, although it used to only be milk fats when I was younger (it’s now most fats…). I had the nut butter in my lunch shake today, which was much better.

I have another question though - I’d like to add lemon or lime juice to my shakes (maybe a tsp or so each time). Is that acceptable?


Sure, no problem.