Numbers Question Before Order

So i read through the Velocity diet HQ and Gus Physique Clinic but i have a question about my numbers, i might be doing something wrong but just want to make sure before i place my order

Non lifting days - 1303.95

Lifting Days - 1564.74

Non Lifting Daily Break down - 1322
10am: 200 Shake + 26 Fish Oil
1pm: 200 Shake + 90 Flax
4pm: 100 Shake + 90 Flax
7pm: 200 Shake
10pm: 200 Shake + 26 Fish Oil + 190 PB

Lifting Daily Break down - 1632
Meal 1: 200 Shake + 26 Fish Oil
Meal 2: 200 Shake
Meal 3: 100 Shake + 90 Flax
Meal 4: 320 Surge
Meal 5: 200 Shake + 90 Flax
Meal 6: 200 Shake + 26 Fish Oil + 190 PB

Why is my lifting day so much over my goal? did i calculate this wrong? and if i didn’t, is being 70 cal over going to hurt, i know Chris says a 50 cal difference is okay. I already had to cut one of my shakes down to a 1/2 serving to meet the cal goals on non lifting days. Should i cut out the 3rd meal on lifting days all together?

Probably close enough, but if you want to back down the cals a little on lifting day, drop some of the PB rather than the protein.

Thanks for the quick response Chris, ill just cut out half of the PB on lifting days. Im pumped to start, going to place my order after my next check.

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