Numbers and Schedule Confirmation

I am hoping a more experienced V-Dieter can confirm if these numbers and schedule look good.

6 foot, 237lbs, plus 25% body fat (categorically at risk for CD)

I have made it through day 1 and working on day 2, however I was hoping to get confirmation that I am consuming the correct amount of cals and supplements.

I used the, more than 35lbs formula.

1300 cals, off days
1600 cals, work out days

7am 2 scoop Metabolic Drive shake, 1 serving Flax Seed, 1 HOT-ROX
10am 1 scoop Metabolic Drive ½ shake, 1 HOT-ROX
12pm 2 scoop Metabolic Drive shake, 3 Flameout
3pm 1 scoop Metabolic Drive ½ shake
6pm 2 scoop Metabolic Drive shake, 1 serving Flax Seed
9pm 2 scoop Metabolic Drive shake, 3 Flameout

2 scoop Surge Recovery on workout days
Workout 3 days a week, V-Diet workouts, beginner
HEPA 1 hour 4mph walk everyday

More questions

I this configuration is a little light on the amount of proteins, 1g for every pound, however I am not certain how to increase my protein without going over my allotted cals.

I know I need to slip 2 Fiber Choice tablets in, I will do that as I need a snack, however so far the shakes have kept me feeling full. Are these tablets a must everyday?

Work out days. On occasion I can see myself not having time for the workout and walk. If I can workout 3 days a week but once our twice during the 28 days, the works out are on back to back days, is that OK?

No PB in this schedule, no room in my cal count.

Any help/comments would be greatly appreciated.

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