Number of Scoops


I’ve generally used 2 scoops of Plazma for workouts, but have been doing longer 90-minute sessions, so I went to 3 since 2 didn’t quite seem like enough. Just curious if folks always use 2, 1 scoop per 30 minutes, any particular kind of formula/guideline?


There’s no real strict formula like that. 2 scoops is pretty standard for most workouts most of the time. If you’re doing a lot of volume and/or a lot of intensity, you can put 3 scoops to good use, but I wouldn’t base the scoops simply on time spent in the gym. As we all know, a “long workout” isn’t always a good or tough workout.

If you’re legitimately doing 90+ minutes of hard lifting (not, like, 60 minutes of lifting and then cardio after), then you might warrant 3 scoops if you’re pushing the pace the whole time. But like, I wouldn’t use 3 scoops for a 90-minute arm session. 90 minutes of hard leg work? Maybe, yeah, because the overall intensity is higher so recovery is even more important.

For some kind of context, Amit Sapir has said: “I use 4 to 6 scoops per workout, but my sessions are no less than three hours. I’m going to the gym at 4:30 PM and I don’t usually leave until 8. Powerlifting sessions take a lot of time between sets, so it could be just two hours on squats alone and then the accessory movements after. I also sometimes train twice a day. I might train in the morning for two hours and then train in the evening for an hour or two.”

He’s a 210-pound, world-record setting powerlifter using 4-6 scoops for a 3+ hour workout so, however that translates to mere mortals, I’m not totally sure.

Long story short, play around with your dosing by being more aware of your recovery time between sets and any change in DOMS afterwards. That’s going to be the best indicator of when you’re dialing things in.


OK thanks, that sounds reasonable. There have been times with 2 I’m wanting a little more, but 3 is too much. With 3 I have no appetite afterwards for a long time. It’s probably better to use a mag10 serving afterwards than a 3rd plazma scoop.