Not Yet Sure About the V-Diet

Okay, here’s my story. Almost 39, female, starting weight July 07 was a horrendous 320lbs. Began training at a gym. A year later, with a routine of working out 5-6 days a week (strength 1hr 3x a week, cardio 5hrs a week, plus miscellaneous classes). I’ve struggled with my intake, finding what’s right for me, and settled on low carb. I have been doing Atkins since February and lost the weight faster. But I’ve plateaued since June.

I am considering the V-Diet. Before shelling out the money, I’m testing my ability to stick to an all liquid diet and am doing EAS low carb protein shakes to the calories based on the V-Diet formula:

non training days
1429 calories
using my shakes–25%, 40g fat/7%, 18g net carb/66%, 239g protein
training days
1789 calories
using my shakes–24%, 44g fat/6%, 20g net carb/68%, 285g protein

Debating about trying one real meal (chicken and broccoli a day) to transition my way down.

I’m also not intending to follow the V-Diet workout as I trust my trainer’s expertise on that end.

Mostly I want to test whether going lower carb (I’d been having 6% carbs (50g) and lower calories (my nutritionist had me at 1900)…I want to see if these changes show on the scale.

How do these macros compare with the V-Diet? AWFULLY high in protein (Atkins instead is high in fat).


I just can’t spend $450 and find out I can’t stick to liquids…

What do you think of those who say “do it with real food”?

Hi jersey.
Nice to see you open a thread here too…
Yes the V-Diet lite version could be a possibility. You can find some thread of people who did it.
If you are really thinking about to do this diet why not doing it all th way??? You already did a great job with your weight loss …it shows some great strength, …why are you thinking of doing the lite version, just being on shake bother you?

It does not have to be all liquid, you learn to accomodate your shake pretty fast in fact. With the flax seed meal, it makes a sort of pudding. I read on gustavo’s thread also a sort of muffin but can not seem to find the recipe :slight_smile:

Well you are not in the rush. Just think about it :slight_smile:

I’m just not sure if it’s desperation sending me in this direction and IF it’s a smart option.

So much contradictory reading…

I tend to believe in Ketogenic diets more and fear that too much protein will result in the protein turning into glucose and that would not be in my best interest.

good point for you…you are thinking about things, you are not jumping into it. I’ve been reading about a year before deciding to do this diet.

Keep reading, think about it…keep your current diet until you are ready for this, the lite version or something different… That’s what I think :wink:

this is the thing you have so many diet out there…so many contradictory reading grrr

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