Not So Happy Transition Results

originally down to 159 then I started week 2 of the transition and having two meals. Each basically consisting of a 5 0z extra lean burger with cheese, huge veggie salad, and a handful of dried fruit. Oh and either 1-2 slices ezekial bread or a 1/2 cup beans. Now I’m up to 165. And puffy…

On a good note…I started at 172 so that means I lost 7 lbs fat and kept it off. So that awesome:)

I’ve not done the Velocity Diet. That being said, when coming off of a diet of that nature your glycogen is completely depleted. Chris can correct me if I’m wrong but you most likely refilled your glycogen and probably just stored up a bit of bulk in your digestive tract. When I put myself into ketosis I can lose 10 pounds in water/glycogen in 1 week and put it back on in 1 week if I wanted to. I wouldn’t stress too much over it and just correct your diet to be whatever the post V-Diet protocols are.

Considering that you were pretty darn lean to begin with, losing 7 pounds of pure fat is quite good. And like Da Vinci wrote, some glycogen replenishment is expected, along with some natural water balancing. But that’s usually just a pond or two.

You might have rushed the Transition a little, and I would have avoided the bread, but still, 7 pounds is good for someone who didn’t have much to lose. I dated a figure competitor once who only lost 4 or 5, but she began the diet with abs, so that was expected.

Many people have asked me if they can do the V-Diet for just 2 weeks. They’ve also asked me why I need to do it for the full 4 weeks. The answer is quite simple - you’re going to put back on some percentage of what you lost. Maybe as little as 20-25% depending on how much you had to lose in the first place.

If I lost 8 in 2 weeks, a lot of which is water, glycogen, etc, then in a few weeks I would be close to where I started.

The extra two weeks plus the transition is well worth it. For the record, this will be my first time doing the transition correctly. In my last 2 VDs I went back to normal clean eating almost immediately and kept most of the weight off for monthes.

One month to lose it and 11 months to put it back on.

This time, I’m in a different mind set and I will do the transition properly.

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