Not Seeing Progress

So today is the start of V-Diet week 3, and measurement-wise, I’m seeing no progress. All my numbers are staying the exact same, in fact my waistline has gone up an inch. The only change is on the scale. I’m down 7 pounds. If i’m not mistaken, a loss on the scale but not in measurements could mean muscle loss, right? So what am I doing wrong? I’m following the diet plan to a T, no cheating, mixing all the shakes exactly as prescribed and having my HSM every week. I’m following the workout program to the letter.

The only thing I’m not doing exactly as shown on the V-diet page is my added military pt which i can’t get out of, but I can’t see that interfering much. Our 2 muscle conditioning days are a joke, and for run days it’s so cold out now that we barely run at all lol. Any ideas?

7 pounds lost so far is pretty good. Scale-weight wise, that puts you at losing fat twice as fast as many experts say is possible.

But I’m not sure sure why you’re not seeing more changes in tape measurements since most people lose more inches than pounds with any diet plan.

Assuming you’re measuring correctly (and it’s kinda hard to mess up), this doesn’t necessarily mean muscle loss, it could actually mean muscle gain. For example, lose some fat on the upper arm but add muscle to the bi’s and tri’s and the tape won’t show much.

How are the pants fitting?

Any alcohol intake?

Are you using Biotest supplements as prescribed? Metabolic Drive, HOT-ROX, etc? Any substations at all?

Did you take before photos?

Using only water to mix the shakes?

There is some wiggle room built into the plan. You can drop one scoop of MD per day to bring the calories down a little, but not risk going too low. You can also bring down the amount of flax seed used to half. I don’t want you to go too low though, especially with the added PT.

It just worries me because I did my first attempt back in February and I remember losing inches easier than this lol. Pants are still fitting the same, I’m not using alcohol, I’m using only Biotest supplements, and mixing with water. I wonder if maybe the HOT-ROX might be making a difference? I didn’t use it last time. I’ll try dropping a scoop and some flax seed and see how it goes. Any preference on which shake would be the best to cut a scoop from?

It’s up to you. If your plan has any 3-scoop shakes, drop one from there.

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