Not Now, Chief, I'm in the Zone < Awesome video most of yall have probably seen before, but still funny and in a weird way inspiring.

Well, I just now sadly realized how out of shape I have gotten when I saw a photo, it’s always the photo! Anyways, I went from a comfy 185 w/ about 14% BF to about 220 in about 6months and not really sure what happened. So, I am starting Nov1st and hoping to be back to 185 my the new year. Screw New Years resolution, start this crap now. I remember a post I read a couple years on this site that said you have to get super pissed, well, I am super pissed and like the phoenix…"It’s f***ing game time"
I ordered all my stuff tonight can’t wait to get it all planned out. Game time.

Hell yea!! Keep working yourself up and keep that mentality all the way through this thing and you will do fine. Nov. 1st wont get here quick enough for you man!

Every time I watch that video, it gets funnier…and funnier…and funnier…i think that was the 25th time I’ve watched it

do you know that i have never seen that video and just laughed for about 1/2 hr i cant stop laughing that was hilarious

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