Not Having Fun on Velocity Diet


I am not going to pretend like I will post every day for this diet, but I have been lurking the forums for a few weeks, and thought I might as well contribute a little while on this diet.

I hate it. It is not the food so much, I can deal with the shake thing. Exercise is fine, and I am excited about the results I will obtain. I just have been in a shitty mood (today is day 4). I get irritated at small things, and have been more of a dick to my girlfriend than normal. I will say that carbs are my kryptonite - I can have sweets in the house for months/years and not touch them, but polish off a pizza in a night. I feel like I am going through withdrawals. The efficacy of the stimulants/thermogenics isn’t helping much either - I am not sleeping well at all, even with dipenhydramine(benadryl/otc sleep med) and melatonin. I am moving my last dose to 3pm so that I have a chance to sleep. Otherwise, its been super!

day zero

Thighs: 24 1/8 in

Arms 12in

Waist 36.5
hips 40
chest 37.5
bust 39
calves 14
forearm 11.1/8

I don’t even understand my waist/hip measurements; I wear pants that are 32/33 inch waist.

Weight/Fat% (@8/24/11)
194/29.4% bodyfat - next bodpod is next week




try melatonin for the sleep issues. You could also look into Somatomax or another supplement with mood enhancers to combat the general nastiness.


first post - I am taking melatonin. Somatomax looks interesting, b vitamins and GABA. I was thinking of adding 5-htp, or st. john’s wort off the cuff.


GABA helps, but so does taking the HOT-ROX earlier - tried to take mine around 7am and 1pm, no later than 2pm. and day 4 just sucks, did for me almost every week, but day 5 is much better so you just need to get through it the best you can. don’t give up.


you taking ELITEPRO Minerals? if not it works (for sleep, or ZMA). also yeah good idea about stoping the HOT-ROX at 3pm… that stuff made me wired.


thanks guys, I think I am going to make my last dose 1-2pm as you recommmended, last night I was contemplating a nightcap just to give my body a break. Mood wise it is getting much better though.


I am a little surprised that not one person mentioned TRYING SOMETHING ELSE OTHER THAN THE V-DIET.


Professor X, are you recommending something else? You have a positive reputation on this forum from what I have seen, what are your thoughts -


Hey not sure if I missed something, but from what I took your still in the first few days. I was like that but after the first 4 days for me I felt way better. Any updates on your mood on sleep now?


Yeah, I am doing shitloads better. I look better in the mirror everyday, which is awesome. I always have had a high metabolism, just loaded it down with a bunch of crap (pizzas and vodka redbulls). Anyways, still not sleeping great, but I moved the last thermogenic to earlier and it helps a lot.

Also, I think when I stopped drinking regularly (3-4 times weekly), I started using daily otc sleep meds to get to bed. I think I built a mild sensitivity to it, because now I get rls like symptoms when I use them. Last night I used just melatonin, and it was night and day difference. Longer to sleep, but rls symptoms make me dread sleep.

All in all though, sleep is feeling better, and mood is back to normal. I don’t miss the carbs at all, which is great. I am going to enjoy some sashimi for my hsm though. Thanks for following and the comments!


hate to nag on you about minerals, but when you said RLS, it raised my eyebrows - simply because i used to get crazy RLS and it all went away when i started supplementing with zinc and magnesium… are you taking any mineral supplements? not trying to nag, just trying to help! Looking forward to hearing about your progress. Keep posting.


no, but I am totally up for trying it - let you know how it goes.

Day…11? Have had a cheat meal or two ( yeah yeah, but in my defense, if i cheat its vegetables or lean meat like pork loin, I just miss food - I didn’t really have bad food choices, I just drank a lot, often).

The last six weeks have been frustrating. I have been doing this 12 week contest with my gym, and the first four weeks I jumped up ten pounds on the scale. I don’t know what happened, but I was not watching my calories at all. I just made sure I was eating healthy food (actually healthy food, not low fat snackwells or some bs). It could easily be that all the alcohol had me malnourished, and Lou Schuler made an interesting point, the thermic effect of the drinking could have kept me from gaining too much weight (an effect I have lost, as I am not currently drinking). Anyways, after starting this diet 10 days ago, I have lost at least eight pounds. Probably more, but I put the scale away - I was being ocd about it. I am using a different workout protocol (although very very similar, just don’t want to be a program whore), but am on a deload week, as I started seeing my lifts go down, was having slight pain in adductors during squats, general body whine. I start lifting again tomorrow, and am ready to be hitting it hard in the gym again.

When I did my bodpod, because I had gained 10 pounds and then lost 8 back, I net 2 pounds heavier. I ended up losing 1% bodyfat, as I gained 2 lbs muscle, and lost .5 lb bodyfat. It is really frustrating, but I have to keep in mind that the first four weeks things didn’t go exactly as planned, its not a velocity diet problem. The gym owner/trainer told me I should get my rmr tested (breath test), with which they provide an individualized nutrition plan. Of course the velocity diet didn’t gain any fans - he wanted me with much more carbs and fat at 20% of diet.

I plan to switch over to the tnt eating pattern after this diet is over. I don’t want to be a carbophobe, but at 28%, is it not correct to minimize carbs? Don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE to eat carbs daily, but I thought your carb allowance was inversely related to your bodyfat percentage. Am I wrong here?


I don’t think carbs are you enemy so much as … the timing of when to eat them, and the quality of carb. However i am not the expert on the subject so hopefully someone else will chime in. But alot of people have alot of different opinions on that subject lol.

Its been about 11 days wondering if your still on the V-Diet and how your progress is?