Not Feeling Alpha Male

Hey all,

Just finished week 2 of Alpha Male. I know it takes 4 weeks to really kick in but I haven’t noticed a change in or felt anything. For those who have used it, how long did it take you to notice positive effects, in the weight room or otherwise?

I understand your anticipation, but two weeks isn’t that long of a time. Like you said, four weeks is a good starting point. I’d say pay more attention to the six to eight week mark. Give it time for physique and hormonal changes to really reveal themselves.

Also, just curious given your profile picture, but are you female?

I wanna say it was maybe 4-6 weeks before I really noticed a difference that I’d say was like, “Oh, okay, it’s kicking in”, but anything specifically in the gym would be tough to attribute solely to Alpha Male since I didn’t specifically track that side to compare for a before/after. It was a lot more overall.

Less anxiety, more energy throughout the day without a change in nutrition or sleep habits, less mentally overwhelmed by the same general/daily stressors. Those were all within that 4-6 week range.

My test levels also increased 45% after taking Alpha Male and Rez-V for a few months (I was scheduled for my yearly check-up and had the bloodwork done then). That brought the benefits one would associate with that type of increase, if you catch my drift.

Alpha Male is really the kind of thing where it would’ve been better if you had more documented data before starting like basic hormone bloodwork, an overall assessment of how you’re feeling and thinking, your libido, bedroom performance, etc. For example, when you go from morning wood once a week to five times a week, that’s a big indicator (pun totally intended) that it’s working.

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Cool, just curious. I love Biotest because their stuff always works.

Ps - I’m a guy. I just think the girl in my profile is hot. It’s from an old TNation forum where they used to feature girls who lift

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