Not a Question but a Big Thank You


This is intended for Chris,

I just personally would like to thank you for your efforts and creation of the V-Diet. Through your writing, no bullshit philosophy, and your support… It has helped me personally and I’m sure many others. I told a few friends about the V-Diet and actually put two of them on to it and it has worked wonders in not only our dietary habits but our lifestyle. I been on T-Nation for quite some time and I can honestly say that from the first time ever being on this site, it has changed me personally, especially reading MANY of Chris’s well written articles (in my opinion best writer on here). There seems to be a knock on the V-Diet and on T-Nation from other websites and blogs but I can honestly say that this site has helped mold me to what I am today.

Also for all the fellow V-Dieters/T-members for support and just being on the same page with everything… Thank You.

All I got to say. Sorry if this is the wrong place to put this thread.


Wow, thanks! Made my day!


No problem… Give credit where credit is due… You da man!