Not a New Years Resolution


Starting the V-Diet today, Planned on it since early December, snowboard trip interfered so January is go time.

Age: 26
Weight: 205
Height: 5’11"

Completed the first workout today and found the rest intervals difficult. Not used to rushing that much. Accidently used the workout fuel instead of recovery after the workout, didnt pay attention to the bottles and as it was the first day I opened any Biotest product I never noticed till an hour and a half after.

Chest 42
Arms Right 15
Arms Left 14.5
Thighs 24.5
Calves 15
Waist 37.5
Shoulders 46.5
Wrist 7.25


Day two, not going to lie, didnt love the shakes yesterday. This morning its better. Im hoping once i get a few more days in my stomach will shink up a bit and the hunger will go away because yesterday and this morning ive been very hungry. I believe its been a year since ive done any type of ab work and yesterdays ab rollers are kicking my ass.

Not too much to report, I know the program says not to do any extra workouts between your scheduled ones but a good long session of stretching would be acceptable right?


Starting pic


Stay strong!

And yes, stretching is fine.


Day 3, I actually thought about pushing a coworker down the stairs today to steel his sandwhich. I am soo hungery! Im not quitting, I havent nor intend on cheating but I wont lie, this is tougher then I expected. The workouts are challenging mostly due to the short rest intervals, or so I thought, but then I realized maybe they arent that short, maybe ive been half assing it at the gym this whole time and maybe thats why I havent seen the results I felt I should. I will admit I have never really worked shoulders or abs much (that means at all) so I found the push press more difficult then it probably should be and my middle feels like i took a rail to the guts.


You might be better off doing the beginner workout. Also have you tried chewing on a fiber tablet?


Day 4, still soo hungery. keeping at it. Not a lot to say tonight. work out day tomorrow


Keep up the good work. I read your workout log, and if you can do back squats you definitely can do front squats, so try them out next time. Just hold the bar in the front using a cross arm grip, or clean grip if your wrists can take it. The front squats are easier form wise, in my opinion, because you have to stay upright and sit down, not back, to prevent the bar from falling forward. Hope that helps.