Non Workout vs Workout Menu

Hey Guys.

Starting the V-Diet on monday and had a couple questions.

1st: The menu says that I should take 1800 cal on workout

days and 1400 on non, but there is only 1 menu and i’m assuming

that’s the workout day menu. So what do I cut out or lessen on

the non workout days?

2nd: The V challenge says no rest, that’s between exercises, but

do we rest between circuits and if so how long?

And last, can we take HOT-ROX an hour after a shake? Just trying

to figure out how to get in a shake, HOT-ROX, workout, Surge, and

another shake within a 3 hour window without messing things up. Since

HOT-ROX says to take on an empty stomach, how long after a shake will

stomach be empty?

Thanks again for everything.


  1. Surge is the cause of the caloric increase on workout days. The Metabolic Drive shakes do not change throughout the diet.

  2. The v-burn says no rest, but if you need a break take as little as possible to catch your breath, then keep going.

  3. You don’t have to take HOT-ROX on an empty stomach. A lot of people have to take them with a meal because they get too jittery if taken on an empty stomch.

Thank you Doug

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