No Surprises, No Excuses

Well, after the best part of a month following many of the V-Dieters on here (seeing what people have found hard and the results they’ve achieved) I am finally starting my own tomorrow morning.

I am 29 years old and have always been a fit sporty guy who has carried too much weight. I justified it to myself because I could still compete on the sports pitch and enjoyed my lifestyle. I was in the forces for 9 years and kept a good level of fitness. Since I left I continued to train consistency. However, I also eat too much. I don’t have a bad diet with respect to content… it’s just I eat too much of it.

I’ve now made a conscious effort sort myself out. I am using the V-Diet to kickstart my new lifestyle.

I’m determined and excited about what I can achieve over the next 6 weeks, and then when I continue under my own steam.

Age 29
Height 6’1"
Weight 217 lbs
Neck 16.5"
Shoulders 49"
Chest (upper) 42.5"
Chest (lower) 41"
Waist (naval) 38.5"
Waist (at largest) 39.5"
Hips 41
Bicep (left) 15.5
Bicep (right) 14.5
Thigh (left) 25.5
Thigh (right) 25.5

I’m not sure if I took these measurements correctly, I’m probably going to guage the results more by the photos.

It’s gonna be fun!!!




Best of luck to you!

Do it!!!

Good luck mate, keep chugging the shakes and enjoy the amazingly heightened sense of taste and smell that you’ll develop while you’re off solid food!

Mate you’ll kill this diet/lifestyle change.Follow it 100%,you know the script,keep the workout weights and rests correct and keep yourself occupied at nights after work so you dont get bored.

I know your results are going to be amazing and would say good luck but firstly you don’t need luck,and secondly there really is no luck involved,just hard work and dedication which i’m sure you have in spades.

Welcome aboard! You are going to kill this thing!

Cheers for posting guys.

I did my first workout this morning. Not too many surprises as I’ve been doing them for the last couple of weeks to get my weights right. I will be upping the weight on the DB Press and Squats next week though.

Getting all the Surge down after the workout is no mean feat though, with the sweetness of it and the sheer volume!

Very early doors, but no problems so far.

Just finished a 45 minute walk… how boring! I might get some language cd’s to put onto my Ipod to try and do something productive over the next 6 weeks on my NEPA walks.

One more shake to go, and I must say I’m looking forward to it with the natural PB in a choclate shake.

Just started Day 2. Things will be a bit different today as I am in the office, abd I was working from home yesterday.

Trying to think of something original to do for NEPA as 6 weeks of walking will bore the tits of me (and I don’t have a bike)!

It might take a while to get used to the walking, but I find it now easy to either totally shut off and think about nothing (adds stress relief and aids in relaxing your mind) or I think about problems/issues and sometimes get some good ideas, or I work on positive affirmations/visualisations (if you are into that sort of thing).

Started feeling different today. No bad as such just stomach feeling strange. It’s probably just the lack of solids, and it needs to get used to the change. It’s nothing to make my enthusiasm wane.

Thought I’s state my goals:

Although I will not rely on the scale weight as I may put on some muscle, I would like to get under 200lbs (which I haven’t been for about 15 years). I used to use 16 stone as a cut off point, as in if I go above it I knew I needed to sort myself out. Eventually I want to use 14 stone instead.

Don’t get me wrong, if I’m heavier but good muscle mass and relatively lean I’d be happy. However, for too long I’ve kidding myself that I’m ‘just a big fella’.

The mission continues!

One day down. Good luck with Day 2 today.

I got a few books on tape that work real good. Keeps your mind focused on something and you tend not to get bored. I suggest unabridged version of Bill Bryson’s “A walk in the Woods,” it’s real funny camping story’s about a trip he took.

I got a few books on tape that work real good. Keeps your mind focused on something and you tend not to get bored. I suggest unabridged version of Bill Bryson’s “A walk in the Woods,” it’s real funny camping story’s about a trip he took.

Cheers, I might give that a go. Mind you we’ve got a thunderstorm over here in London at the moment so might leave my Ipod at home anyway!

Agree with the others on using books on tape, I’ve also planning on throwing in some language lessons and news pod casts. Anything that allows the NEPA to be a platform for learning/listening/whatever (as opposed to just an activity on its own) seems like a great plan to me. Keep up the good work.


Just finished shake 1 of day three. I must admit that I didn’t feel great last night. It started on my drive home from work, 2 hours in London traffic doesn’t do much for anyone I suppose.

Still… no slip ups! Just about to go for Wednesdsy training, we’ll see if I lost any strength.

One thing though, I couldn’t resist having a cheeky look on the scales when I got up (they’re right next to my bed). I’m down 4lbs already. This makes me think my starting weight might have been a bit inaccurate (it was the morning after a big meal).

Enthusiasm is still sky high and I’m sure the slightly rough feeling will pass soon.

Bring it on!

good luck mate

Ill be checking back often

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