No Surge. Temporary Alternative?


I was going to start the V-Diet last week using the Metabolic Drive I ordered from TNation, plus a bottle of HOT-ROX from a friend of mine who can’t handle stimulants very well! (His loss, my gain!) What I failed to order was the Surge drink for Post Work Out.

I have been following a V-Diet-LIKE protocol for a little less than a week and have shed an unexpected amount of weight thus far. I know that much of it is water weight, as I retain water like a sponge! But already, my muscles that I’d developed a while back are starting to show again.

Anyway, I say V-Diet LIKE because, again, I failed to order the Surge Recovery. I have to order another tub of Metabolic Drive this week, but I’m not going to be able to buy the Surge and the Metabolic Drive at the same time, due to (what else?) crappy finances at the moment.

I would like to continue, however, with this UN-V diet until I CAN get the Surge (which would be in another week.)

So, my question is, on workout days, would it be ok to add another Metabolic Drive shake for post work out. . .and then maybe guzzle a scoop of this disgusting BCAA/Recovery drink that I have had in the supp closet for a while? I know that makes this NOT THE V-DIET, but I’m liking what’s happening to me so far. Anyone’s thoughts on that are appreciated and I will get the Surge soon.


Yes, that will work in a pinch.


Thanks! And it’s only in “a pinch.” The Surge will get ordered after I go bash some knees in order to get people to pay up what they owe me. (Kidding, kidding. . .sort of!)